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Fiberglass Replacement Doors

The availability of fiberglass doors today drives up the demand on fiberglass doors in Canadian homes and offices. Such doors are usually exquisite in structure, design and functionality that they are highly sought after as entry or exterior doors.

Astounding Features

Fiberglass is known to be tough with a strong resistance to weather. This makes it an excellent choice of doors in any environment. A fiberglass door is superior to other options in the market where low maintenance is desired. Beautiful wood materials could be combined with the fiberglass for distinguished entry or exterior doors in any home or office.

Entry fiberglass doors are exquisite home furnishing pieces that grace the environment easily. These are rigid and strong doors which are lightweight for application. There are no unsightly screw plugs on the glass pieces. Established competent fiberglass doors Toronto suppliers like Canadian Choice™ include Snap-On frames for unblemished and smooth surfaces that enhance the sophistication of the fiberglass exterior door.

Consumers can also request for styles with screw finishes if preferred. Canadian Choice™ offers a wide range of exquisite materials such as stainable wood grain skin and paintable smooth skin for generating the best of entry fiberglass doors. We also provide a wide range of colors on fiberglass skins in unfinished options for those DIY enthusiasts who are eager to stain the doors the way they like it. Our professional door experts are available to assist with pre-finished products according to consumer preferences using sophisticated machines, manufacturing equipment and skilled craftsmanship.

Benefits of fiberglass

The popularity of fiberglass on doors is increasing in the Canadian market as fiberglass material is known not to rust or dent. Fiberglass is unaffected by constant use and hence, not subjected to wear and tear. The material is resistant to moisture and humidity.

The technology applied on fiberglass exterior door designs includes extended lock block that ensures extra security without thermal bowing. Elegant panels are available with detailed architectural designs for an exquisite sophistication in any environment. Deep shadow lines on entry fiberglass doors offer a stronger curb appeal.

Fiberglass doors made of waterproof composite stiles are highly preferred for their non-porous composite edges that do not warp unlike wooden door edges. These premium doors have an insulated core that is environmentally friendly with optimal thermal protection. The dynamic top and bottom rails comprise waterproof composite for added non-porous protection against water seepage.

Excellent fiberglass door Toronto designs are usually sound proof from external noises and unwanted interference. The presence of a polyurethane core offers effective insulating properties without harming the ozone layer as the manufacturing formula is void of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).

Reliable Market Suppliers

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ are a leading market fiberglass door Toronto supplier with a strong team of dedicated in-house engineers, consultants and craftsmen who are highly skilled and competent in developing high quality fiberglass doors via PVC stiles and rails. This option ensures greater strength and durability of the products with better protection from moisture, harsh weathers and potential break-ins.

Canadian Choice™ FIBERGLASS DOORS Features:

No unsightly screw plugs around glass on either side
Our Snap-On frame ensures unblemished surfaces. We also offer styles with screw finishes as an option.
Stainable wood grain skin, paintable smooth skin, and through color Designer Arch Doors fiberglass skin are offered in unfinished for do-it-yourself staining or can be custom ordered in a variety of pre-finished or through colors.
Fiberglass skin won't dent, ding or rust. Different than steel doors, Fiberglass is unaffected by wear and tear of everyday use, and is moisture and humidity proof.
Extended full length lock block resists forced entry
The extended lock block provides additional security and prevents thermal bowing to your Designer Arch Door. Our 8' doors offer 2 5/8" width and 93" height lock blocks for extreme security.
Elegantly detailed architectural panels
Designer Arch Doors are designed to traditional architecture proportions with deeper shadow lines and stronger curb appeal.
Waterproof composite stiles
Designer Arch Doors use non-porous composite edge which is rot and warp proof unlike wood edges.
Insulated core
Environment friendly insulation provides optimal thermal protection and high R-value
Waterproof composite top and bottom rails
Waterproof composite top and bottom rails. Added non-porous protection stops seepage from water into the door.
Sound Proofing
Designer Arch Doors offers outstanding sound proofing to protect from outside noise and interference. Sound proofing ensures that no disturbances from outside noises interfere with your daily life.


The polyurethane core provides insulating properties that are six times greater than any wood door. In addition, our formula is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC, the substance partially responsible for the destruction of our precious ozone layer).

Strength and

Our engineers have developed high quality PVC stiles and rails.The PVC stiles and rails protect all sides of the door from moisture. Unlike wood stiles and rails, PVC stiles and rails do not bow or rot. Furthermore, the PVC stiles and rails provide a full thermal break against even the worst weather conditions.

Genuine Oak
Grain Beauty

The superior oak grain provides the warmth and feel of real wood. Whether stained or painted, Designer Arch Fiberglass Entry Door retains a natural wood grain better than any finish applied to a real wood door.

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