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Energy Efficient Windows

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Energy Star Windows

ENERGY STAR is an international symbol of energy efficiency. It helps you quickly and easily identify the most energy efficient products available to help you save energy, money and protect the environment.

Modern homes and offices are concerned about cost savings with the installation of proper lights and even windows and doors. This is where many homes and properties resort to ENERGY STAR labeled products like residential windows to ensure greater energy efficiency. This is where many homes and properties resort to ENERGY STAR labeled products like residential windows to ensure greater energy efficiency. Such products which Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ offers help consumers enjoy more savings on energy and utility costs besides saving the environment. This means that after installing ENERGY STAR windows, homeowners can enjoy a higher level of interior comfort and reduced outside noises.

Moreover, during cold months these products have less condensation than standard windows. As for hot months, customers can be sure that ENERGY STAR protects your possessions from ultraviolet damage since such panes let fewer sun rays in. So, if increasing energy efficiency of your home and reducing greenhouse gas pollution of the environment are in question, ENERGY STAR qualified windows are the best solution on the market.

How much money can be saved by installing ENERGY STAR qualified fenestration products?

The ENERGY STAR labeled residential windows are great purchasing decisions which ensure optimal energy efficiency in any preferred climate region of residency. High energy savings could be as much as 40% while keeping the space warm enough to be cozy and comfortable and cool enough in the summer for a chilling time in the house

It is proven that ENERGY STAR® window products are able to reduce home energy costs more assuredly compared to other options. These energy efficient windows not only enhance comfort but reduce external noise levels with less window condensation during cold weather. Less ultraviolet rays would pass through the windows for better protecting against potential sun damage. When the energy consumption of the home is reduced, ENERGY STAR qualified windows serve to lower greenhouse gas emissions for a cleaner environment.

How does a window, door or skylight qualify for ENERGY STAR?

Homeowners who install ENERGY STAR qualified windows tend to save about 7% on energy bills on replacements while new home buyers enjoy as much as 12% savings. New homes with ENERGY STAR qualified windows tend to install larger and more windows to benefit from higher savings.

It is easy for any consumer to enjoy optimal cost savings on their energy bills by complying with the stringent technical requirements on thermal and structural performances of the products. Qualification of the products depends on the U-value of the products or the energy rating.

The U-value of the products refers to the rate of heat transfer occurring from warm to cold areas while the Energy Rating is a scale of the products U-value, air tightness and potential solar gain. Colder climates impose more stringent qualification requirements.

All ENERGY STAR qualified windows for higher energy savings must be properly tested in accredited laboratories which are structured under standardized and highly controlled conditions to ensure quality.

How will I know if a product is energy star qualified?

There is a specific ENERGY STAR mark on every product that is qualified to prove the product’s energy savings category. The product manual would also list the ENERGY STAR label which assures consumers of effective energy savings in Canadian climates.

Are ENERGY STAR products much more expensive?

It is not expensive to enjoy higher savings with ENERGY STAR labeled products such as energy saving windows which Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ offer. Even with a premium cost, the high cost savings on energy bills would counter the initial investment rather quickly for consumers to enjoy lower costs in the long run.

These ENERGY STAR products are affordable even at competitive pricing for long term savings as poor quality options are likely to incur more cost for the consumer over the long run besides impacting the market value of the home.

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