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What is the Service Life of Quality Vinyl Windows?

One off the reasons that vinyl windows are so popular is that they can withstand a lot of the damages that typical windows suffer, such as rotting, warping, rusting, or mildewing. This resistance to damage means that vinyl windows are low-maintenance and have a longer life.

However, not all Ottawa vinyl windows are made the same. If you don't choose quality Ottawa replacement windows from a reputable company, you may end up with windows that have a life span of only three to five years - a miserable life span for any type of window. 

When you shop with a window company Ottawa trusts, like Canadian Choice Windows, you should expect your vinyl windows to last between 20 and 40 years or more. Typically, vinyl windows will come with a warranty between 15 and 25 years. The longer the warranty, the better the quality of the window, typically. Your warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer about the performance of the windows.


While vinyl windows are resistant to a lot of common window damage, they are not immune. Many things can shorten the life of even high-quality vinyl windows. For example, vinyl windows that are exposed to intense heat and sunlight for prolonged periods of time will break down faster or may crack or fade. Extremely moist climates (including high humidity levels) can also wear down the windows slowly - not as fast as other types of windows, but still problematic. 

Working with a reputable company can also ensure that your vinyl windows last longer. Big box retailers and discount vendors typically sell low-quality windows that will not last even a decade. They may make claims about a longer life span, but you will be disappointed to see your windows failing before too long. 

Double check the fine print on the warranty when you buy. Some windows companies may offer a "lifetime warranty," but there may be many exclusions as to what is covered or under what circumstances the windows may be replaced.

The very best way to ensure that you are buying quality windows is to check the reputation of the windows company from which you buy them. Canadian Choice Windows sells the vinyl window replacement Ottawa residents trust. We have a reputation for selling quality vinyl windows that last decades, not years. Explore our diverse selection and learn more about our affordable financing.

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