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What Are the Most Popular Replacement Windows?

One of the home improvement projects you have in mind is arranging for a complete windows replacement. As you begin to check out the options for new windows in Markham, be aware that some designs capture the eyes of homeowners more often. Before you make a final choice, consider these four styles and see if one of them would be perfect for your home.

Single and Double-Hung Windows

You see single and double-hung windows in all sorts of home designs. That are easily the most popular choice on the market today. You can find them in standard sizes or have them custom made if you have an older home.  Once you decide whether you want a single sash of both sashes to open or close, the contractor with the windows company will provide a quote and provide a suggestion for a start date.

You may also want to compare pricing on different materials for these windows. It’s not unusual for homeowners to move away from wooden sashes and go with vinyl windows instead. Vinyl doesn’t warp, you won’t have to paint them every few years, and the windows offer excellent protection from the weather outside.

Casement Windows

Perhaps you would like to go with something other than single or double-hung sashes. One way to add a nice touch to the home is to go with casement windows. Since the sashes are attached to the sides of the window casings with hinges, they open inward rather than sliding up or down. As with other window designs, casement windows are available as vinyl windows in Markham. This allows you to enjoy the easy operation these windows offer and still get all the benefits that come with vinyl.

Awning Windows

If you want something different for those new replacement windows in Markham, consider the idea of going with awning windows. This design is hinged at the top, allowing the bottom to swing outward. Awning windows are available in vinyl, and you can even have them motorized along with a manual hand crank if you like. The nice thing about awing windows is that you can leave them slightly open and catch a breeze when it’s raining. Try that with some of the other popular window designs.

Sliding Windows With Tilt Feature

There is no doubt that come people prefer the simplicity of sliding windows. The sashes glide left to right on tracks, making it easy for any family member to open and close them. This design for Markham windows can also include a tilt feature. When the time comes to clean the glass, there’s no need to go outside. Instead, you tilt the sash inward, clean both sides, and then return the sash to the usual position.

While these are currently the most popular window replacement designs in the area, feel free to explore other style options. If you are not sure what works well with your home design, an expert will be happy to provide suggestions. Once you choose the right design, it won’t take long to have those new windows in place and you can begin reaping the benefits.

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