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Vinyl Windows: Why They Are Homeowners’ First Choice

As you begin to consider the idea of installing new residential windows, there are decisions to make about the materials. Gone are the days when wood was the only real choice available. Today, you can opt for metal or vinyl windows. If you don’t know much about the vinyl windows of today, here are some points to consider. Once you know more about them, you may decide vinyl is the best choice for your home.

Durable Option 

If your perception of vinyl is that it’s flimsy and will wear out in a short amount of time, you are thinking of vinyl products that are not designed with the care given to windows. The vinyl used for this type of project is very different from the type used for disposable products. This kind of vinyl is made to hold up well to all sorts of weather conditions. 

Your new vinyl windows will not rot the way wooden windows can do. There is no opportunity for them to warp. What you will get is windows that work perfectly for decades. Once they are in place, they will remain in top shape and go a long way toward keeping the energy bills lower. 

Easy to Customize 

If your home was constructed several decades ago, the windows may or may not be the same dimensions. They’re close, but each one differs by a tiny amount. It’s not enough for anyone to notice, but that difference is apparent when you attempt to install the window frames. 

The nice thing is that if the windows do vary a little, vinyl is easy to customize. The installation crew will have the resources to make those quick adjustments and still get the windows in place without any delays. Making subtle changes to wood or metal frames is more complicated and would involve more time and expense. 

Does Not Conduct Heat and Cold 

If you have thought about metal windows, know they are a good option but not the best. Heat and cold conduction is one of the reasons why you would want to go with vinyl instead. Simply put, vinyl does not conduct heat and cold the way that metals like aluminum will do. The result is that it’s easier to keep whatever weather is happening outside from seeping into your home. This quality is particularly helpful during the hottest days of summer and the coldest ones in winter. 

Upkeep is Simple and Quick 

Have you ever dreamed of windows that sport a color that never fades? How about eliminating the need to paint the frames and sashes every few years? That’s what you get when you choose vinyl windows. The color is fade-resistant so it will look great for decades. You can also forget about having to scrape, sand, apply primer, and then a coat of paint to those windows every three to five years. Instead, you can spend your time and money on other things.

Are you ready for new Oakville windows? Call us today and arrange for a consultation. We will go over options for window designs and how each one would work with your home’s design. In no time at all, everything from the cost to the start date will be settled.

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