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Best Vinyl Windows for Increased Home Security

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If you have an old house then your windows are most likely to look shabby too. Most frequently homeowners who have old, worn out and warped windows start worrying about the security issues endangering their families. The moment you thought about home’ security Oakville windows replacement experts advise to consider windows replacement project. New vinyl windows can offer exceptional features for your home’s security, such as newer and stronger materials, shock-protected glass, and also brand-new locking technology. The general advantages of replacement windows are clear but when you start thinking about the variety of possibilities, you might get lost in the options. To help you examine best alternatives, we prepared an overview for each of them.

Casement Windows

These windows have only one pane which swings outward vertically with the help of an internal gear mechanism. Such construction allows you to control how far you want to open the window. To adjust the window you use a special crank mounted to the interior frame. Professionals from Oakville windows companies   explain that most frequently casement windows are installed in hard-to-reach places owing to the crank-action mechanism, for example behind the kitchen sink or in the attic.

According to the statistics casement windows are the most secure windows of all because the crank is placed only on the inside part of the window so it becomes impossible to open a window from the outside. No other additional hardware is actually needed to increase security level of the casement windows.

Sliding Windows

This windows construction allows them to be operated horizontally. Sliding windows have very large panes of glass, which makes them a perfect choice for expansive outdoor views and allows very nice breeze when the windows are opened all the way. The sliding action makes it a good alternative to the casement window when there’s not enough outdoor clearance.

Modern construction of sliding windows is designed with a cam action lock which stops the operable part of the window from sliding back and forth. Oakville windows masters say that if you want to increase security level of such windows you may, first of all, consider special shock-protected glass and, secondly, install a burglar bar between the frame and sliding sash.

Double-Hung Windows

This is a classic style for home windows which glides vertically. Double-hung windows, as opposed to single-hung windows, have two operable sashes. Such construction increases safety and convenience of opening the upper sash for ventilation. Most frequently people use these windows for child’s bedrooms.

Double-hung windows have the same action lock as sliding windows. Such lock is designed to hold both sashes in place so that they do not move. If you want to increase security level of double-hung windows Oakville windows company experts advise to check existing possibilities and consider ordering them before you start the replacement project. For instance, people frequently order an additional piece of hardware which is installed on the face of the sash’s frame at the top. When you push the tab, the bottom sash can move freely, but when the former is extended, the window is perfectly locked in place.

We hope that by the end of reading this article you have made your mind about the needed windows type and are ready to start home renovation! 

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