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Is Vinyl the Best Window Option for Your Home?

We measure up vinyl, aluminum and wood options

When doing repairs or construction on a property, windows tend to be one of the more difficult things that a contractor has to discuss with his or her client. The simple reason is because windows come in so many different shapes and forms. Vinyl, aluminum and wood windows are the most common material options for windows, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right one for the job means understanding the perks and drawbacks of each one thoroughly.

Vinyl Windows

Originally conceived in the 70's as an alternative to aluminum and wood, Vinyl PVC windows now make up a highest volume of windows in construction today. These windows tend to be more affordable than their aluminum or wooden counterparts as well as being very efficient in terms of its thermal values. Vinyl windows tend to be the best value for money when it comes to window installation and repair. Most modern contemporary homes have decided to use vinyl over wood or aluminum in their window construction simply because it reduces the overall costs of the home once built.

Wood/Aluminum Windows

Wooden or aluminum windows currently stand as the "old standard" when it comes to window repair and replacement. Well-constructed wooden windows are durable, customizable and energy efficient. Many buyers like the rustic look that meshes with the interior of a home to add to the homey aesthetic. However, because of how some wood/aluminum windows are installed, they can be susceptible to leaks and corrosion which can shorten their life and may require a replacement much sooner than vinyl, depending on the level of deterioration.

Installing Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl?

Vinyl windows tend to be a much better option for homeowners due to their longevity. While other materials may not fall apart, they may chip and fade a lot sooner than vinyl so curb appeal will be lost far more quickly than with and before structural integrity is even a concern. The benefits of vinyl windows are well worth their cost and the numbers show it. The cost of an aluminum or wood window depends wholly on the type of design, size, whether a jamb extension is required or other options that might end up with a cost that is far in excess of the original vinyl installation cost.

Offering Value to the Customer

The thing that really sells a window is the value it adds to a home. Vinyl windows conform to a very rigid code of construction ensuring that they offer durability and value to the end user. Additionally, these windows are highly energy efficient and offer a premium look on a cost-effective budget. Contact us today to see how Canadian Choice Windows can help you bring more value to your clients' homes.


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