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Top 10 Window Designs in 2020

This was not the year that you decided to replace your home's windows, but that project is on the agenda for next year. Now is the time to check out the most popular window designs for 2019, since they will provide food for thought as you think about new windows in 2020. Here in no particular order are the top window designs homeowners chose in the past year and are likely to remain popular in the year to come.

  1. Double Hung Windows

When it comes to windows for homes designs, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of double hung windows. They work seamlessly with a number of different home styles and are available in wood, metal, and vinyl.

Most people also love the idea of being able to open and close both sashes, even if they tend to operate the bottom sash more often. Having the option of opening both sashes to create upper and lower breezes is certainly nice in the spring and the autumn. If you want a design that is both attractive and functional, this is the one for you.

  1. Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are also among the most popular window designs and are likely to remain that way for years. The main difference between this design and the double hung window is that the top sash is fixed while the bottom sash can be opened and closed. For many people, this design works just as well, both in terms of function and in cost.

  1. Casement Windows

If you would like to go with something other than single or double hung windows, what type of windows is the best? Many people would answer casement windows. They are relatively easy to mount in openings that once help double and single hung windows, and they do add a little something extra from a visual standpoint. You can have the windows designed to open outward or inward. Best of all, they are a great choice for anyone who may find it difficult to raise and lower sashes, since the casement sashes require pushing or pulling.

  1. Sliding Windows

Another popular option to consider is sliding windows. These kinds of window designs are usually associated with more contemporary home designs. The window sashes are mounted in a framework that makes it easy to move them along tracks. A gentle push or pull is all that’s needed to open or close the sashes. This is definitely a popular option for people who may have limited upper body strength and need something they can open and close without doing any type of lifting motion.

  1. Sliding Tilt Windows

If you like the idea of sliding windows, why not take things one step further and go with sliding tilt windows. Along with moving along tracks, these windows can also be tilting inward for easy cleaning. Think of what this means if you have a home with two or more stories. Instead of having to balance on a ladder to clean the exterior side of the glass, you can stand in the room, tilt each sash inward, and easily wipe away any grime or residue. What could be easier?

What are the different types of windows?

  1. Awning Windows

There’s something about awning windows that add an air of grace and elegance to the home’s exterior. Window designs of this type require nothing more than a gentle push along the bottom to open them and allow a breeze into the home. They are especially nice when it’s raining out and you would still like to enjoy a breeze. The design prevents raindrops from accumulating on the ledge or getting into the home. At the same time, you get the fresh scent that comes along with any type of springtime shower.

  1. Bay Windows

There’s no doubt that a bay window helps to visually make a room seem a little larger. The space can be used to create a cozy nook that includes seating with storage underneath, or you can arrange a couple of chairs, a table, and a lamp to create a nice reading or conversation area in the room. The angle of the windows also allows more natural light into the space, something that also helps the smaller room to look a little more expansive.

  1. Bow Windows

If you like the features of bay windows but find the angles to be a little too severe, consider the idea of installing a bow window. They function in basically the same way, and may have a combination of fixed sections along with sections you can open and close. The difference is that there are more rounded angles than sharp ones with these types of window designs.

  1. Fixed Windows

Perhaps you aren’t interested in having sashes to open and close in the dining room or formal living room. Why not go with a fixed window created with the use of plate glass? The large glass opening provides a wonderful view and is certainly easy to clean. In terms of energy efficiency, opt for double or triple pane glass that helps to prevent the transference of heat and cold from outside.

When it comes to plate glass, how much should I pay for new windows? A lot will depend on the dimensions, the kind of glass you select, and even if you choose to have it tinted. A contractor can provide you with pricing based on the specific features you desire.

  1. Roll-Out Windows

While they are not a good choice for a number of home designs, roll-out windows are worth considering. They tend to be better for more casual style homes. You can invest in windows with individual cranks or include automated controls that allow you to open and close the sashes with the touch of a button.

Remember to consider the U factor when selecting your new windows. The U factor refers to the rate of heat transfer through the glass and how well the window insulates the home. What is a good U factor rating for windows? Many experts recommend something 0.25 to 1.25 btu/h. ft² °F, with a lower rating being superior.

You may have questions about the window frame. What type of window frame is best? That depends on the home style and a few other factors. Your contractor can make some recommendations and provide pricing.

Remember that selecting new windows is not something to do in haste. Weigh all your options and ask lots of questions. Doing so will help you choose a design that will serve you well for a long time.

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