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Selecting New Windows in Winnipeg: Most Popular Window Styles Guide

If you decided to start a great makeover at home, then windows replacement should definitely be a part of it. In order to change the appearance of your home you need to be creative and at the same time functional. In the article below with the help of Winnipeg windows experts we created a short overview of the most common windows types to help you decide which type would look better at every part of your home. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the easiest to describe and explain, so we decided to start with them. Picture windows are frequently called fixed windows in Winnipeg stores, because these windows do not open. Their main function is to let in light, a lot of light and also to create a perfect view on the outer world. Accord gin to interior designers, picture windows are basic ones and in large sizes are frequently used in country house to create a great scenery view from the inside. 

Casement Window

Casement windows are much more practical that picture windows, at least because they are operable. All types of vinyl casement windows open outward and create ideal fresh air flows inside the house. Winnipeg replacement windows contractors also explain that casement windows are easy to operate and clean which makes them perfect for hard-to-reach spaces. 

Hung Windows

Hung windows are divided into single- and double-hung vinyl windows. These windows have a lower operational part which slides up and down opening and closing the windows. Most frequently Winnipeg home owners choose hung windows for bedrooms, because they allow enough fresh air and natural light in, but at the same time easy to operate and are useful even in case of rain. Both single- and double-hung windows are ideal for modern as well as older style of homes.

Slider Window

As well as hung windows, slider type has one side opening. This windows type is also very common owing to the easiest operational features and great amounts of fresh air in any room. Designers say that slider windows are great for smaller spaces and rooms that you do not want to obstruct, such as hallways and patios. 

Awning Window

Awning windows are very much like hung windows and are also ideal for rainy climates. They operational structure makes them common for bathroom and kitchen application in Winnipeg. Professional windows replacement contractors often advise installing them together with screens for additional protection. 

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows have some differences in construction, but very often designers in Winnipeg use them together, so we united them into a single point. These vinyl windows are great if you want to add a fashion touch to the house by unique windows type. As a rule, people choose these windows to replace older windows in big spaces to create great views (in this respect they are similar to picture windows). So the common applications and uses for bay and bow windows are dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

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