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How to Know It's Time to Replace Your Vinyl Windows

High-quality vinyl windows can last for decades. In fact, some vinyl windows companies will offer a warranty of 50 years. Because vinyl windows do not rot or warp, they don't break down as easily over time and they don't readily lose their effectiveness. They continue to provide superior energy efficiency for years to come.

Yet vinyl windows are not invincible. With enough time, they can wear down and lose their effectiveness. If you buy inferior windows, they will wear down faster.

Here are a few ways to know that it is time to invest in vinyl windows replacement for your Mississauga home:


The seals around your vinyl windows may break down because of wear on the frame. Even small gaps can let air in your home, and you may start to feel a draft. You may not feel it during moderate weather, but you will likely notice it during the winter months. If you have the heat on but are still feeling like you need a sweater or blanket, you may have drafts coming in from your windows.

Higher Energy Bills

When your windows start to become less effective, the signs may not be as obvious as a draft. You may only notice subtle changes like a slowly increasing power bill.

You'll have to pay attention to your utility bills closely to catch this one, especially since your bills can fluctuate wildly from season to season. However, if your windows are failing, you will notice an average increase over time. The increase may only be a few dollars at first, but the cost should rise as the windows age.

Outdated Look

Not all reasons to replace your vinyl windows are practical. You may want to replace them for purely aesthetic reasons. If your vinyl windows are especially old, they may also have a very dated look. Fortunately, vinyl windows come in a variety of stylish designs and colors, so you can get any look you like for your home. You can instantly refresh the look of your home by simply replacing the windows.

How long has it been since you got your vinyl windows? It may be time to replace them if they are nearing the end of their life span or if you notice any of these issues. When you are ready to shop, check out window replacement companies in Mississauga to get the best deals.

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