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How Much More Energy Efficient Are Vinyl Windows When Compared to Other Windows?

Your windows can play a powerful role in regulating the energy consumption of your home. Poor quality windows will actually conduct heat to make your home hotter during the summer and warmer during the winter. Low quality windows will also allow for the passage of air around the frame, requiring your heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain the internal temperature.

Vinyl windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home, but just how much? Here's a look at how vinyl windows achieve their energy efficiency and how much they can help you save:

Construction of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows achieve their superior energy efficiency thanks to their high quality construction. The primary aspect of the construction that makes vinyl windows so energy efficient is that they have two or three panes of glass, which are buffered by a pocket of inert air or gas. The system effectively works like insulation, creating a stronger layer against extreme temperatures.

Vinyl windows are also more resistant to the elements, including rain and temperature extremes. The frame will not rot or warp, so you don't have to worry about the seal creating a gap that lets in air. You do have to keep the seals maintained, however, to ensure proper insulation.

Measuring Energy Savings

Many different factors go into measuring energy savings, including the time of year and the utility rates where you live. Comparing the energy costs of a home with vinyl windows in one city and those of a home in another city will result in very different estimates. The quality of vinyl windows can also vary by manufacturer. The higher the R-value of the windows, the higher the energy savings will be.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative estimates that home owners will save between $126 and $465 a year with vinyl windows. While they may not seem like much, you must consider the savings over the life of the windows, which can be many decades. You can easily save thousands of dollars on energy costs over the life of the windows.

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