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Home Window Replacement: Considering the Price of Bay Windows and Other Window Types

There’s more windows in your home than you realized. Along with the quantity, you also notice there are several different kinds of windows and glass doors in the home. Since the plan is to make a few replacements, it makes sense to determine what it will cost to replace each window and maybe even go with a different style in some parts of the house. Here are a few of the ways to determine if a given option is really worth the expense. 

New Bay Windows

You already have a set of bay windows in the dining room. It occurs to you that installing a set in the master bedroom and maybe the formal living room would be a good idea. Certainly they would add more space and give each room another point of interest. The question is whether the price bay windows will be offset by the benefits.

In many cases, the answer is yes. Bay windows do add practical benefits to the rooms, including improving the view. You will have more storage under the window seat and the amount of natural light coming into the space will be more abundant. With the right type of glass and coating, you won’t have an increase in heating and cooling costs. You will actually see those monthly expenses decrease.

Doing Something with the Patio Doors 

So what are patio doors and how do they impact the function and look of the home? Patio doors are typically glass doors designed to slide, retract, or fold to allow easy access between the inside and the patio area. The cost of patio doors will vary depending on the design you prefer. 

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to go with the same door design that is already in place. A contractor can point out how to use a different style without having to make a lot of modifications. If you like the idea of folding doors versus sliding ones, it’s worth checking into what it would take and how much it would cost. 

Always make sure the doors fit snugly and don’t allow for any seepage. As with the glass used for the bay windows, making sure the glass is coated does mean more expense up front, but it also means lower utility costs in the years to come. 

What About Awning and Other Window Types?

For other areas of the house, consider the options for different window types. Would awning windows add to the curb appeal of the house? Perhaps you would like windows with two movable sashes rather than one. A contractor can go over the different designs and point out the benefits associated with each one. Pair that with some input about the top rated door manufacturers and which designs would work best, and it won’t be long before you will have a price for the entire replacement project.

Remember that new windows and doors can accomplish a lot. Along with making the home more comfortable and attractive, they can save quite a bit of money. Make your choices wisely and the benefits will begin to be apparent almost immediately.

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