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Home Renovations: What Are the Most Popular Window Styles?

You’re thinking about investing in new replacement windows for your home. One decision you will need to make is what sort of style would be right for those new windows Brampton. Fortunately, a professional can help you compare the merits of different window styles and settle on the one that’s best for your home. Here are some examples to consider.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Easily one of the most popular window styles, single and double hung windows in Brampton will work with just about any home design. In terms of appearance, both of these options will look the same from the inside and the outside. The difference is in the function.

Single hung windows have a single sash that moves up and down. With double hung windows, you can move both sashes. Many people prefer the latter option since they can position the two sashes to allow air to enter the home from the top and the bottom of the window casing. 

Awning Windows 

Another option that works well with many home designs is the awning window. Instead of sashes that move up and down, you have a single sash that is hinged along the top of the window frame. You open the windows by pushing the bottom of the sash outward. Some designs include a hand crank to open and close the window. You can even automate the windows so you can open and close them with a remote control. 

A huge benefit of these Brampton windows is that you can still open them when it’s raining. The design prevents precipitation from collecting on the window sill or getting inside, but you still get to enjoy the cool breeze that usually occurs while the rain is falling. 

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are also popular, especially with more contemporary homes. Rather than moving up and down, they slide from left to right. This type of window replacement is particularly popular for people who find it easier to slide sashes rather than lift or pull down on them. 

There is also a practical reason to consider this type of window style. If you have loved ones in the home who find it hard to operate more traditional windows, they are often able to manage sliding windows with ease. 

Casement Windows 

Certain home styles lend themselves well to casement windows. This particular option for home windows replacement in Brampton usually includes two sashes that are hinged on the side of the window frame. You can arrange to have them swing outward or inward. There is no doubt they add a decorative touch and also happen to be ideal for people who love to open windows wide and enjoy lots of fresh air. 

These are only a few of the options for new windows. You can learn about other designs by talking with a contractor who routinely helps homeowners identify the best Brampton windows and doors for their houses. Make the call today and you could have all the details for the replacement project settled before the sun goes down.

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