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Designer Treatments for Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows aren't just a great option for improving the energy efficiency of your home and helping you save money. Your Oakville vinyl windows can also improve the look of your home, making it look more stylish and inviting.

Choosing the right window treatments can enhance the look even more. Don't stop at simple curtains. Consider some of these designer treatments for your Oakville vinyl windows:


Shutters aren't just for the outside of your home. You can make some intriguing window treatments with shutters  on the inside of your home. You can use traditional shutters that open and close against the window. Or you can use a single shutter placed horizontally at the top of the window, like a cornice. You can place blinds over the windows for privacy, or you can leave them open.


Older doors can make for beautiful window treatments. Get a vintage door from an old home or a barn door and mount it on tracks just above the window and at floor level. You can slide the door open and closed to have some privacy or let in some light. You'll need to have plenty of room on either side of the window to make this treatment work. You'll also need to have sturdy support for the tracks.


Beaded curtains were all the rage in the 70s. The same idea is back in style with garlands. You can create a nice window dressing out of strings of pom poms, ribbons, or paper cutouts. The idea here isn't so much to cover the window for privacy but to create a unique and interesting look.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a more traditional window dressing choice, but they are very popular right now. They are a minimalist window treatment that can be made in a variety of designer fabrics. You can pair them with regular curtains or with some of these other treatment suggestions. The blinds lay flat against the frame, so they are quite versatile in the look they can create.

If you have not yet discovered the benefits of vinyl windows, it's time to check out these vinyl window opportunities in Oakville. You can save a lot of money on your energy bills every month, and you can reduce the maintenance you have to conduct. Those benefits also help to improve the value of your home.

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