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Common Windows Damage and How to Deal with It

Windows damage isn't always as obvious as a baseball through the glass. Sometimes, the damage can be subtle, taking place over many years. You may not even notice that your windows have been damaged until you start looking into why your energy bills have shot through the roof.

Understanding the most common ways that your windows can be damaged can help you perform the proper maintenance to prevent them. Here's what you need to know:


Temperature changes can cause your windows to warp over time. Temperature changes can cause expansion and contraction, and humidity can cause wood to swell. All of this can cause the frame to change shape.

You can reduce the risk of this happening by keeping your wooden windows sealed. However, you can't completely prevent it from happening in wooden windows. The only way to prevent warping is to install vinyl windows. They are not vulnerable to temperature changes or humidity, so the frame will retain its shape.


Moisture and humidity can both cause wooden windows to rot over time. Again, you can help to reduce the risk of damage by keeping the windows sealed or painted. However, the ravages of time will eventually take their toll.

The best way to avoid rotting windows is to choose vinyl windows. The vinyl frame will not decompose over time, and it is not susceptible to rotting or rusting as a result of water exposure.

Cracked Seals

The gap around your window frame has to be sealed with caulk to prevent the passage of air between those small spaces. Over time, that sealing can break down or crack, allowing air in or out and driving up your energy bills.

You must check the seals around your window frames regularly and replace them as needed. Choosing vinyl windows can also reduce the incidence of cracked seals since the frame won't shift, causing the frame to pull at the seals. 

Vinyl windows are one of the smartest investments you can make for your home. They will reduce the overall maintenance of your home and will keep your energy bills low. They will also reduce the risk of some of the most common damages that windows can experience. If you are ready to learn more about your options for vinyl windows, click here to grab this deal for windows in Mississauga.

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