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All you Need to Know about Energy-Saving Windows from Winnipeg Manufacturer

One of the most frequent reasons why people consider windows replacement project is inefficiency of their old units. They feel unpleasant drafts and pay more for energy; they cannot close their old windows and even seeing through becomes a problem. In the article below we collected several professional advice from Winnipeg vinyl windows experts to help you find the right windows for the replacement project and things to pay attention to so that your new units are energy efficient. 


First of all, you need to choose no less than two panes for your new units. Secondly, keep in mind that special low-e (low emissivity) glass is the most energy-efficient kind of windows glazing. As Winnipeg manufacturers explain when the window is produced, the glass is covered with special coating of metal oxide. As a result you get plenty of natural light in and the temperature inside of the house is preserved because the glazing lowers the convection processes between the inside and outside parts of your home.

Gaps between the glass

Another great way to improve insulation qualities of your new replacement windows is to fill the gaps between the panes with inert gases, such as argon, xenon or krypton. They also can help you lower energy bills and raise energy efficiency of the home. 

Frame materials

With no doubt, materials of the windows’ frames are very important. Winnipeg window company professionals explain that every material is best for different environments and needs. For example, wooden windows are best for aesthetic looks and energy efficiency. Vinyl windows frames combine energy efficiency and low prices. Aluminum windows are best for warm climates and stormy environments.  The description of pros and cons of every windows frames material deserves a separate article, so the advice at this point is to conduct deeper research before making the final decision. 

Energy rating

Modern windows in Winnipeg have special energy efficiency ratings from manufacturers. This scale comes from A to G. The rating evaluates not separate parts of the window but the construction in general. When choosing new replacement windows in Winnipeg, make sure to consult your dealer or shop assistant for the deeper understanding of the issue.


U-value describes how a window can preserve or let heat pass through it. Depending on your needs you can either choose easy-to-pass options (this is advised for colder climates) or hard-to-pass materials (for warmer climates) in order to have better control over the exchange of temperatures in your home. It means that depending on your home and sunny/not sunny side you can control temperature in the rooms and so save a lot of money on energy bills. 


And the last point about replacement windows is ventilation. With new vinyl windows ventilation will be easier and more effective, because operation of modern windows is easy. Whenever you need to open windows you will be able to do it regardless of the weather outside, as new models have special construction features against any penetration.

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