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Why Vinyl Windows are a Better Choice than Metal Windows

Replacing your windows is a simple yet powerful way to improve your home's performance and to increase its value. Depending on the style of windows you choose, you can even upgrade the design of your home. For example, you can let in more light and make rooms seem bigger by installing oversized picture windows or even bay windows.

You have many options for the types of replacement windows you can choose for your home, but vinyl windows are by far your best choice. In the past, metal windows were a popular choice because they are relatively inexpensive and had a number of practical benefits. However, vinyl windows are more affordable than metal windows and have even more benefits.

Here are a few reasons why vinyl windows are a better choice for your Calgary home than metal windows:

They Won't Warp

Metal doesn't respond well to moisture, humidity or extremes in temperature. Metal windows are prone to warping over time in response to environmental changes. Slight warping will lead to significant energy losses, which can make it harder to control the temperature in your home and can cost you a lot of money. Significant warping can make the windows non-functional and may even cause damage to your house by letting in water.

Vinyl windows do not warp. They are resistant to environmental changes, and do not require sealant for protection.

They Won't Rust

Another problem moisture can cause for metal is rusting. While some rusting might cause only aesthetic problems, significant rusting can cause the window to develop holes, reducing its functionality and energy efficiency. Just as with warping, significant rusting can also let in moisture, causing damage to your home through rotting or mold growth.

Vinyl windows do not rust. They can get wet and be exposed to high humidity and won't change their shape or oxidize.

They are More Energy Efficient

The biggest benefit of vinyl windows over any other type of windows is that they are more energy efficient. Vinyl windows have several features that help them to better insulate your home, such as double- or triple-paned glass, pockets of air between the glass, and even foam padding inside the frame. Vinyl windows can help you control the temperature of your home and to save a lot of money on energy costs. The benefits easily pay for the cost of the windows over time.

When you are ready for replacement windows for your Calgary home, consider vinyl windows. Then check this section for the best price for window replacement in Calgary. You'll save a lot on your initial investment, and the other benefits that vinyl windows offer will help you save even more over the years that you own them.

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