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How to Take Care of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the perfect choice for your Oakville home. They provide superior protection for your home when compared to other window choices, and they help to reduce your home's energy consumption. They are also affordable and very easy to maintain.

While vinyl windows are low maintenance, that doesn't mean that they are "no maintenance." You will need to perform some minimal maintenance to keep them in their best shape for years to come. Here are a few tips for how to take care of your vinyl windows:

Clean with a Soft Cloth

You shouldn't need to scrub down a vinyl window to keep it clean. All you need to do is wipe it down with water and a soft cloth to keep it free of dirt and dust. If necessary, you can use a mild cleanser to get tougher spots. However, you should avoid harsher cleaners since they can strip the glazing or cause the seals to break down.

Use a Wire Brush on the Tracks

Over time, dirt and debris can get in the tracks of the windows, impairing the functioning of the windows. You can clean the tracks with a simple wire brush. If you need a little extra help to get the dirt out, add some water or mild cleaner.

Do not use a razor or knife to remove debris as you can damage the tracks.

Clean the Vinyl

The vinyl frame is resistant to most damages. It won't warp or crack because of temperature changes or exposure to water. However, it can get dirty and grimy over time. To clean the frame, just use a soft cloth with some Murphy's Oil soap. Again, do not use any harsh cleaners, which could damage the windows.

Lubricate the Tracks

You can't use just any old oil to lubricate the tracks on a vinyl window. If your windows start to stick (likely because the debris has not been properly cleaned from the tracks), you can lubricate them with a silicone spray. Just spray a light coating in the track and let it penetrate. Apply a second coat if you are still having trouble.

Vacuum the Screen

Keep the screens clean by vacuuming them. Don't use a brush or cloth, as these could put too much pressure on the screen and crack or break it. Just use a small handheld vacuum, or use the attachment on your floor vacuum.

Vinyl windows are a popular option because they are affordable, stylish and low maintenance. These simple tips will help you keep your vinyl windows in top shape to protect your investment for years to come.

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