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How to Shop for Vinyl Window Replacement

Older windows are usually made of wood or metal. Many people prefer the wood look because it is considered to be classic. However, wooden windows can decompose over time, leading to leaks, mold and other damage. Metal windows can avoid these problems, but they aren't very good at insulating your home.

When it's time to buy new windows, you should consider a vinyl window replacement. These windows come in a wide variety of finishes to get the look you want, and they better insulate your home, help you control energy costs and provide better protection for your home in a storm.

Here are a few things you should look for when shopping for vinyl window replacement in Ajax:

Make Sure It's Crack and Fade Resistant

While vinyl window replacements are quite durable in general, lower-quality windows are susceptible to fading and cracking. Look for windows that include a guarantee that they won't fade or crack, or look for windows that are designed for all climates.

The quality of construction will also play a role. Windows that have welded corners and internal air chambers will be stronger and will resist fading and cracking better.

Look for Double Panes

High-quality vinyl windows help you to insulate your home. They do this by including two panes of glass to buffer the hot or cold air. Additional features can include inert gas between the panes to improve the insulating properties, as well as surface coatings to reflect the light and heat. The coatings will not only help to keep your home cooler but will also protect your furniture and floors from fading from the sun.

Check the Verification

The National Fenestration Rating Council verifies the energy efficiency of vinyl window replacements. You may need to look for this information, but it should be included in the manual or the sales sticker for the windows. The information will show you that the window is airtight and give you estimates for energy savings.

Other quality standards include a certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Look for a Warranty

All quality products are backed up by a warranty, and vinyl windows are no exception. The best windows will include a lifetime or double lifetime warranty that can transfer to the next owner of your home. The warranty should cover performance, as well as the quality of the materials. For example, the warranty should cover repairs or cleaning if condensation appears between the panes.

Choosing a vinyl window replacement for your home can help you save money on energy costs and improve the value of your home. Protect your investment by choosing the best quality vinyl windows using these tips.


Vinyl windows can help you increase the value of your home and save money on energy costs. They can also protect your home against damage from inclemental weather and are easy to maintain. Click here to learn more about how to choose the best vinyl window replacements for your home.

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