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9 Awesome Window Designs to Consider During Renovation

Are you in the process of performing home renovations, but haven’t yet decided what type of window would best suit your new design? If so, our handy guide below will help you determine what type of windows will look the most attractive and be the most practical for your home:

1. Casement Windows

These make use of heavy-duty hinges on the left or right side of the window and open outwards, meaning that they can provide great ventilation, regardless of which way the wind may be blowing. Casement windows are available in various sizes and frame types.

2. Awning Windows

When large awning windows are installed, they can provide an uninterrupted view outdoors. They are one of the most functional window styles in that they open outwards and upwards, which enables them to allow airflow even when it is raining or snowing.

3. Sliding Tilt Windows

This is an ideal window if you have tight spaces, but still want to be able to maximize air flow through your home. Sliding tilt windows slide horizontally, but can also open outwards if necessary. They can be opened just a crack or up to the point where the opening is wide as half of the total glass area.

4. Bow and Bay Windows

These windows provide a three-dimensional feel to a home because of their design, which features three or more sections of windows that have been joined to form a curve. One or more sections can be designed to open, and they are an extremely popular option for home owners who would like to install window seats.

5. Contour Series Windows

Contour series windows make use of an array of finely sculpted lines that help reflect light as effectively as possible, while also eliminating a significant amount of glare from flat surfaces as well. They tend to be a more ‘stylish’ option for many home owners and they are renowned for being highly energy efficient.

6. Single Hung Tilt Windows

Single hung tilt windows have one sash or pane that opens and closes vertically, and they are supplied with a half-screen that prevents insects and leaves from entering your home while open. These windows can easily be tilted inwards to make cleaning them as easy as possible.

7. Double Hung Tilt Windows

These windows differ from single hung tilt windows in that both panes slide and open vertically instead of just the one. They are also fitted with screens to keep bugs and leaves outside where they belong and both panes can be tilted inwards for easy cleaning.

8. End Vent Windows

These windows consist of a non-opening fixed section, a larger middle unit and tilt and slide side units and tend to be installed where a home owner desires a broader expanse of window area.

9. Architectural Windows

Architectural windows come in uncommon shapes and sizes, for example, circular windows, arches, or triangles. In some cases, these windows are custom-designed and manufactured according to a client’s specifications. Often times they are installed in older homes where property owners want to retain the original appearance and character of their home.

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