A Home Upgrade Journey: Making your Home Energy Efficient in Richmond Hill

“As this was our first time purchasing brand new windows, the whole process going into it was a bit overwhelming not exactly knowing what materials or functionality to look for. But we knew that we wanted well-made windows that function with ease and a beautiful curb appeal on the outside. Our rep from Canadian Choice made the whole window-replacement process a breeze, helping us make truly informed decisions. And we’re so happy we got it done in time to enjoy the summer”

Custom-Made Windows Make a Difference

You can just tell the difference between a well-made custom suit and the one ready-to-wear off the rack. Don’t you agree? Custom suits are tailored to fit your exact frame, made with the finest merino wool fabrics, and superb construction – just like custom-made windows for your home.

Custom-made top to bottom, and front to back

The homeowners of our latest project in Richmond Hill wanted the best quality windows to withstand the Canadian climate, ensure ease of functionality for everyday use, and looks that stand out. Custom-made was the way to go.

Getting their windows from the Canadian Choice manufacturer meant they’d be produced with a rigorous quality assurance process, state-of-the-art technology, and made to fit their home’s exact specifications: size, shape and functionality top to bottom, and front to back.

Windows that stand out

Today, this home proudly features stunning black windows on the outside and white on the inside. The elegant black outline framing the glass looks beautiful on the backdrop of the cream-colored exterior, making it immediately pop in the line up of seemingly plain-looking neighbourhood homes.

The new triple glass windows helped to improve the overall energy efficiency of the home. The homeowners received a rebate of $3,900 for this upgrade.

Heat Pump Upgrade

The final upgrade was to change out their heating and AC system to a Bryant Heat Pump. The family received a $6,100 rebate for this upgrade and their Enbridge gas bill has been reduced by 70%. This has resulted in significant monthly savings on their energy bills.

Cost of the Project and Savings

The cost of the entire project was over $52,000, but the homeowners will see a saving of over $25,000 over the next 15 years of home ownership. The value added to their home is estimated at $150,000.

Monthly payments:

  • Windows and doors – $159 per month
  • Heat pump – $129 per month
  • Monthly savings on their Enbridge gas bills are $160

Actual monthly spend after the savings – ONLY $128

Canadian Choice Home Improvements Group is proud to have been a part of this home transformation in Richmond Hill. Our goal is to help our clients increase the comfort, value, and energy efficiency of their homes while also reducing their monthly bills.

Project Details

  • Guardian Glass featuring exceptional LoĒ Glass Coatings
  • For increased strength, all frame and sash corners are fusion welded throughout
  • Top-of-the line heavy duty hardware
  • Reverse dual seal – last up to 9 times longer in durability tests than single seal units
  • Multiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal efficiency and excellent sound proofing

About the Project

Type: Detached house
Product used: DraftLOCK™
Interior colour: White
Exterior colour: Black

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