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Garden Steel Insulated Doors

A garden is a lovely green space for any Toronto home where homeowners can spend some time relaxing in the cool of the day or night. However, there is also a need to install a good garden door that leads into the garden from any part of the house.

Practical Applications

There may be several garden doors in a large home which is surrounded by a large green space. The living room is commonly positioned to face the garden; hence, it is possible to have a garden steel door opening out to the garden. Certain rooms may also install quality garden steel doors to step out into the garden easily while preventing unwanted intruders.

Solid garden insulated doors are common features in well-designed Toronto homes where homeowners are concerned about the cold air coming through during winter. Established garden doors Toronto suppliers offer quality garden doors which are excellent in design and functionality.

Benefits from Preferred Supplier

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ carry a myriad of exquisite designs for garden insulated doors that are functional and durable to be value for money. The products offered by the company guarantee long-term performance in attaining the highest degree of air-tightness and energy efficiency ratings.

Our competent and skilled engineers have developed the best of high quality PVC stiles and rails that bring on quality garden doors to fit every Toronto home. These dynamic PVC stiles and rails are specially designed to protect the sides of the door against moisture, rotting and bowing that often happens in wood stiles and rails. Our garden doors incorporate strong PVC stiles and rails for ensuring a full thermal break against bad Canadian weather.

As reliable garden doors Toronto producers in the market, we are confident of the high quality products recommended to consumers. Our product formulation includes a polyurethane core that is excellent in providing insulating properties 6 times better than wooden doors.

As an eco-friendly producer, Canadian Choice™ ensures a chlorofluorocarbon-free formula in its product manufacturing. Only the best of materials and craftsmanship are engaged to generate durable and functional garden steel or insulated doors which are of value to consumers. Well-produced doors for the garden by reputed market suppliers like Canadian Choice™ ensure extra strength and security with little or no maintenance. Moreover, homeowners who opt for quality garden insulated doors enjoy high energy and thermal efficiency.

Standard Features

Every garden door that is supplied and installed by Canadian Choice™ offers many delightful standard features to ensure its functionality. The steel frame is specially designed for extra strength to endure heavy applications with efficient elimination of frost and condensation.

Homeowners can choose various finishes that offer low maintenance while enjoying maximum resistance to corrosion and rust. Canadian Choice™ garden doors are energy efficient with an extruded aluminum sill for eliminating frost transfer as the leading self-draining sill design is applied.

Moreover, our garden doors include wood lock-block that gives added strength and security while heavy-duty fibreglass mesh screens are excellent alternatives with aluminum or steel frames.

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