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End Vent Replacement Windows

Single Hung Tilt Windows

An end vent window provides an elegant piece of structure that enhances the style for the home. It has sashes that are conveniently positioned for easy operation and easy cleaning. End vent windows are light on maintenance with various models for choice to enjoy a wider window with a bigger middle piece.

Unique Structure

End vent vinyl windows comprise 3 different types of window designs:

  • Non-opening fixed pieces
  • Large middle unit
  • Slide and tilt side units

This unique structure of end vent windows is ideal in a home where a broad window expanse is desired for a seemingly wider space. The mid-section is usually the larger piece in the design with 2 side pieces that can slide and tilt. Every section is aptly designed and positioned for its special function to permit a panoramic view of the outside on a sturdy beautiful frame that is pleasing to the eye on the inside out.

Dynamic Window Features

End vent windows Toronto designs are highly maintenance free as they manipulate quality vinyl frames that would not rot or peel. No painting or repainting is required throughout the lifetime of these windows.

Every unit sports a dynamic 3 3/8 inch frame that is similar to a wood window profile for greater elegance and coziness to the home. These are heavy-duty vinyl frames that have all its corners fused at high temperatures to ensure extra strength for better insulation.

These windows are uniquely designed with a warm-edge spacer system that serves to lower energy loss through the glass with lift-out control on sashes that allow consumers to lift out only when required. This also enhances cleaning on the exterior of the window with easier access. The direct-glazed, fixed sash offer a square style with strong structural integrity and tight sealing that prevents draft.

These end vent windows incorporate pre-drilled integral nailing fins that help installation to become easier especially when handled by professional end vent windows Toronto installers like Canadian Choice™. There are also integrated J-channels which double-up as strong brick molds for easier exterior installation and maintenance.

These window designs come with an automotive-type window glazing for a super-tight seal with a durable fiber glass mesh that is of half screen sizes to allow easy opening or removal. The finest of quality hardware adopted in its manufacturing ensures hassle free windows for the lifetime.

The application of soft white vinyl frames offer an exceptionally smooth and clean surface that enhances the home for decades. Fusion-welded frames and sashes are joined together permanently without staples or nails for an exquisite look that exudes elegance and beauty.

Pocket sills are included in the designs for extra security and higher protection against external wind and air infiltration.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Canadian Choice™ windows and doors on end vent window supplies and installations offer a full lifetime guarantee on its products and services that would assure homeowners of a beautiful home without worries.

The unique beauty of the home would be accentuated with the revolutionary choices of end vent windows from Canadian Choice™.

Canadian Choice™ Vinyl Window Features:

Maintenance-free vinyl frames won't rot, peel or require paint
Substantial 3-3/8" frame resembles wood window profile
Heavy-duty vinyl frames with all corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength provide excellent insulation
The warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass
Lift-out sashes, with an anti-removal device that prevents sashes from being lifted out unless you want them to, provide easy access to the exterior of the window for cleaning
Direct-glazed, fixed sash ensures squareness and provides structural integrity and the tightest possible seal
Pre-drilled integral nailing fins make installation easier than ever
Integral J-channels double as brick molds to make exterior work simpler
Automotive-type window glazing creates a super-tight seal
Durable fiberglass-mesh half-screens can be opened easily and removed quickly
Finest quality hardware ensures long, problem-free window operation
Soft White vinyl frames and sashes feature an exceptionally smooth, clean surface that keeps your Gorell windows looking beautiful for decades
Fusion-welded frame and sash permanently join the frame with no staples or nails
Pocket sill for added security and protection against wind and air infiltration
Full Lifetime Guarantee

Beautiful Vibrant Colours

Amazing water-based finishes! Accentuate the unique beauty of your home with the revolutionary new finishes and colours from Canadian Choice™. These finishes will not prematurely age or imbrittle your windows like some processes do and, thanks to newly incorporated scientific breakthroughs Canadian Choice's™ new process is dramatically better for weathering performance and the environment cause from over three hundred colours or colour-match your favourite shade. Enhance the beauty of your home with colours from Canadian Choice Windows™.

Canadian Choice Windows™ are not responsible for any change in colour or colour variances.

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