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Why It’s Important to Replace Windows Early in the Home Remodeling Process

There's a long list of things you want to change around the home. Your best bet is to tackle projects like new roofing and new windows Guelph early in the process. While there will come a time when the order of those home remodeling projects will become less critical, there are some great reasons for taking care of those replacement windows first. Here are a few examples to keep in mind.

The Windows are a Structural Element 

Taking care of any structural changes before moving on to cosmetic changes is key to the success of any home remodeling project. Your windows in Guelph are not merely ornamental. They are a structural element within the home design that serves several practical purposes. In order to make sure the framework is not weakened while the remodeling is underway, have those new windows installed before you proceed with other improvements that have little to do with the actual stability of the structure. 

The New Window Style Will Impact Your Cosmetic Choices 

You do have a vision for how the home will look once all the remodeling is done. One factor you may have overlooked is how your choice of new Guelph windows may impact those plans. Depending on the window design you choose, some of those remodeling ideas may not be quite as appealing as they seemed before. 

Consider what happens if you decide to replace your current double hung windows with something like awning windows and possibly a bay window for a new breakfast nook. Before, you had some specific ideas about adding chair rails to some rooms, and possibly adding built-in cabinetry in a home office. Those new awning windows may motivate you to reconsider the cabinetry and decide to go with open shelving instead. In like manner, you may decide the bay window dresses the dining room nicely and chair railing is nothing something you want in the space now. 

Controlling the Climate Indoors 

Remodeling a home is often a series of large and small projects. There is no doubt that a complete window replacements is a large project. Along with getting the major things done first, replacing the windows early on means you have more control over the indoor climate. If the old windows tended to stick, the new ones will open easily so you can ventilate the home while painting, varnishing floors, or refinishing cabinetry. Since you invested in double pane windows for greater energy efficiency, it’s also possible to effectively block out the heat of summer when you are having some remodeling work done indoors that does not require ventilation window replacement.

Progress to See When Things Aren’t Going Well 

Remodeling takes time and it’s easy to feel as if things are not getting done fast enough. If you take care of the home windows replacement in Guelph early on, you create something that you can look at whenever the whole remodeling thing begins to be overwhelming. No matter what is left to do, you can turn around, look at your new windows, and see tangible evidence that something is getting done. That may be all the motivation you need to keep going with the other projects. 

Are you about to remodel your home? Talk with a professional and settle on what type of new Guelph windows and doors you want for the project. Once the decisions are made and those elements are in place, you can move on to one of the other remodeling tasks.

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