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When is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?

Taking on a windows replacement project does take some planning. While most contractors are willing to do the work whenever the homeowner wants to proceed, there are some times that are better than others. If you are thinking about having this type of home improvement done, here are some tips on when would work best.

Moderate Seasons Work Well

If your reason for installing new windows in Red Deer is that you are tired of the old ones, try to plan the project for one of the more moderate seasons. While the contractor will not rip all the old windows out before starting to install the new ones, there will be short periods when there is an open space. If you are having the work done in the latter part of spring or the middle of the autumn, the temperature is likely to be pleasant. That will ensure the temperature inside the home is more comfortable while the installation is underway.

After Damage to the Home

If some type of accident or natural disaster does significant damage to the home, there’s a decision to be made. Do you restore the home or have it razed and build a new one? If the structure is basically sound and most of the restoration is cosmetic, consider this a good time to update the windows. Since some of them have to be replaced as part of the repairs, the insurance company may approve the cost of replacing all the windows. If not, you can still have the damaged ones replaced using the insurance funds and finance the replacement of the remainder.

Before Retirement

Along with the time of year, choosing have replacement windows in Red Deer installed may be timed to take place just before a major milestone. For example, you may be planning to retire in a couple of years. Since the plan is to continue living in the home, the period between now and when you retire is ideal for making any improvements or updates to the house and property. If you time things just right, the windows company will have the new windows in place and you will have the debt paid in full before the date of your retirement party.

When You Plan on Selling the Property

Do you envision selling your home and buying a smaller house once the kids are on their own? In that scenario, it pays to know that investing in new vinyl windows in Red Deer will increase the market value of your property. Arrange to have the windows replaced the year before you place the home on the market. The windows will still be new enough to make the place look nicer, and buyers are sure to notice the great condition of every one. You can also time the installation so the windows are paid in full before the house is placed on the market.

Do you see a proper time coming up to replace those aging windows? Call a professional today and arrange for a home inspection and free quote. You may find that the cost of those new Red Deer windows will be more affordable than expected.

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