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Top 3 Reasons to Replace your Windows this Summer

Summer is the time when many people go on vacation or spend time outdoors barbequing and swimming. It’s also an excellent time to do many home improvement projects, including replacing your windows. This project is often delayed until fall; however, here are three very good reasons why summer is the ideal time for a window replacement in Toronto.

3 Reasons to Replace your Windows this Summer - Infographic

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Reason #1: Saving Money on Cooling your Home

You already know that vinyl replacement windows can help you save money on heating your home in the winter. The same insulating properties that reduce your heating costs will also make your home more efficient to cool. Vinyl windows prevent air loss so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. Some people elect to have a reflective coating placed on their windows to further reflect sunlight and help with cooling. You may even be able to turn your thermostat up a bit, helping you save even more. When you consider the year-round savings, vinyl replacement windows are definitely a sound investment that anyone can benefit from.

Reason #2: Won’t be Affected by the Cold during the Installation Process

Many people choose to have window replacement in Toronto performed in fall or winter when the temperature outside has dropped a bit. The problem with this is that the old windows must be removed first, leaving huge holes in your exterior walls that can let air in. This can be a major issue in homes where children or senior citizens live, since these individuals may easily catch cold if exposed to drafts. During the summer, the temperature is warm enough outside that this is not a problem. Even so, you may want to turn off your air conditioner and place fans in strategic areas while installation is ongoing so your unit does not run continuously.

Reason #3: Contractors are not as Busy During the Summer Months

The most popular time for a window replacement is in spring and fall. As such, contractors generally see a surge in business once warm weather arrives, and then it tapers off when summer gets closer. In early fall, calls start coming in again, and contractors once more start getting booked up. You can actually allow this trend to work in your favor by scheduling vinyl window replacement during the summer months. You’ll have missed one busy season and can have the work performed just before the next one. You may even get a better deal, since contractors are eager to fill up their schedules during this otherwise very slow period. Long wait times for service can be avoided as well.

These are just three reasons why vinyl windows should be installed in summer. If you've been putting off vinyl window installation, now is an excellent time to take the next step and call for an estimate. There's no better time than the present to begin saving money and improving the curb appeal of your home.

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