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The Difference a Warranty for Your Windows Can Make

Picture this: you just got a new set of beautiful windows for your home and had them installed at the first available opportunity. You are very pleased with how they look and even happier with how they are going to reduce your monthly electricity bill. Three weeks after having them installed, a storm comes through your area and debris smashes one of the brand new windows on your home.

For those who neglected to get a warranty with their new windows, replacing the smashed one can be quite expensive. However, those who did accept the warranty with their new windows will only need to place a phone call to the company that installed them. The cost of the window is sure to be covered by the warranty, and some warranties will even cover the cost of labor to have it installed.

What Window Warranties Cover

There are many different types of warranties offered by companies that install windows. A smart homeowner is going to examine the warranty options available to find out a few important things about their coverage. There are a few important aspects of a window warranty that a homeowner should be on the lookout for, though.

  • Coverage for any type of leakage issues. If a window is installed improperly and is allowing air to leak outside of it for any reason, then it needs to be replaced by the installation company at no charge to the homeowner. It’s the installation company’s job to ensure that their work is done correctly, and a homeowner should not have to pay for any installation errors.

  • Any manufacturing defects that are causing problems with the windows. If you notice that one of your new windows is missing the locks that keep it securely closed, then it should be able to be replaced at no charge to you. There are times when a window is manufactured improperly, and replacing this type of issue should be covered by a warranty.

  • Any issues with the window that are related to the glass or its non-glass components. If you notice that there’s a problem with the glass of one of your new windows, then it should be covered by the warranty. However, the warranty should also cover any problems with the non-glass aspects of the window as well. Reading through the warranty information or speaking with the window installation company can help you figure out the details of a warranty.

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Adding Value to Your Home

Another important aspect of a window warranty is whether or not it can be transferred to a new homeowner just in case you decide to move before the warranty expires. A transferable warranty allows a new homeowner to enjoy the benefits of the warranty even though they were not the ones who actually paid for the window replacement. A transferable warranty can add value to your home and even help you sell it more quickly. Here at Canadian Choice Windows, we offer lifetime warranties that include every type of coverage you could possibly desire. 

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