When vintage charm meets modern flair in Calgary

“With the new windows and grilles, along with a brand new beautiful front entrance door, our home feels like it got a style upgrade. These changes breathed new life into our exterior, and we’re absolutely in love!”

The beauty of window grilles

A well-executed window upgrade can redefine the character of a home. Discover the transformative touch we brought to one of our recent projects in Calgary. There’s something enchanting about window grilles. Historically, they were born out of necessity – to hold panes of glass together. Today, they’re a nod to that tradition, yet they effortlessly fit modern designs.

For our Calgary project, the white windows with grilles on at the front became a focal point. Set against cream-colored stucco, they strike a balance, merging old-world charm with contemporary aesthetic.

Savings and support

The cherry on top of this Calgary project? The homeowners made the most of available rebates after replacing their windows and door. The Canadian government’s incentives for energy-efficient improvements are hard to resist. And when it comes to process and the paperwork – we’ve got your back, ensuring you enjoy all the perks and savings you’re entitled to.

Fall is right around the corner, and it’s the ideal season for a window or door facelift. Thinking of giving your home the upgrade it deserves?

The science behind the view

  • Triple pane: This means optimal insulation, keeping your interior spaces temperate and comfortable.
  • Argon gas: A great insulator, it minimizes the cold from creeping in.
  • LOW E180 coating: Think of this as a protective shield, reflecting heat back inside, ensuring energy stays where it should.
  • Your home’s comfort goes up, your energy bills go down. It’s efficiency at its finest.

About the Project

Type: Detached house
Product used: DraftLOCK™
Interior colour: White
Exterior colour: White

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