Breathing New Life into a Home with Energy-Efficient Windows in Cochrane

“The change is incredible! The draftLock windows have added a modern touch to our home while providing us with an unobstructed view of the outside. The balance between elegance and functionality is just perfect. We’ve already felt the difference in our home’s temperature regulation. Regardless of the weather outside, it’s so nice and comfortable inside.”

Transforming Spaces with Custom-Made Windows

In our latest Cochrane client project, we’ve replaced aging windows with cracked frames, with our signature draftLock windows from Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. These windows were custom-made and designed to not only uplift the appearance of the house but also improve its energy efficiency. With the addition of picture-style windows and a stunning architectural arch window at the front, the home now enjoys expansive views and a ton of natural light.

Embracing Canadian Climate with Energy-Efficient Windows

As a Canadian-owned and operated company, nobody understands the local climate better than we do at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. We experience the same biting winters and scorching summers you do, which is why our draftLOCK™ windows are more than a mere aesthetic upgrade.

These windows are designed from the ground up with the Canadian climate in mind. They’re constructed to provide optimal insulation regardless of the season, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

Don’t wait for another season to pass. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the chill of winter, you deserve to feel the comfort well-made windows bring. Schedule your appointment with one of our reps at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors today to get started.

Project Details

  • Triple glazed windows
  • Guardian Glass featuring exceptional LoĒ Glass Coatings
  • For increased strength, all frame and sash corners are fusion welded throughout
  • Top-of-the line heavy duty hardware
  • Reverse dual seal - last up to 9 times longer in durability tests than single seal units
  • Multiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal efficiency and excellent sound proofing

About the Project

Type: Detached house
Product used: DraftLOCK™
Interior colour: White
Exterior colour: White

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