Best Window Companies in Ottawa

What is the best windows company in Ottawa? Ask that question to a dozen people and you may get a dozen answers. Since window and door replacement is something that’s more complex than buying a new sofa, it makes sense to take a look at all of the best window companies in the area and find the one that seems to be the best fit for your home. Here are some suggestions for home window replacement companies that are likely to provide the service, quality, and support that you are seeking.

  1. Canadian Choice Windows and Doors
  2. Big City Windows and Doors
  3. Capitall Windows Inc.
  4. Westend Windows and Doors
  5. Verdun Windows and Doors
  1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™

    Canadian Choice™ is one of the Ottawa windows companies that scores high with Google Reviews, Homestars, and the Better Business Bureau. With the lowest scores being in the 89% range and the highest being 9.9 stars out of 10, you know that this company does indeed belong on the list of the best window companies in the area.

    The praise often begins with the people who work for this company. Sales reps are often cited as being professional, helpful, and going the extra mile to ensure customers understand all their options for new doors and windows. The company has a reputation for providing quotes that are complete - no hidden charges or surprises when the job is completed. They are one of the window and door companies in Ottawa that place a lot of emphasis on showing up when they promise and not considering the job done until the customer is happy.

    The selection of options is considered among the best of all the house window replacement companies in the area. Even if there’s the need to customize windows or create something new, this team is not fazed at all. Many of their satisfied customers found them after having less than pleasant experiences with other window contractors and will not recommend any other company.

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  2. Big City Windows and Doors

    While Big City has only been around since 2010, they are considered one of the best window companies in the greater Ottawa area. One of the great things about this company is the range of windows and doors they carry. Whether you need a new front door, interior doors, or a nice set of French doors leading out to the veranda, they have you covered.

    When it comes to windows, Big City is one of the window and door companies in Ottawa that offer triple as well as double pane window options. There are also plenty of style choices. Whether your home is a relatively contemporary design or something more traditional, they have you covered.

    With a Star Score of 97% on Homestars, Big City easily ranks as one of the better Ottawa windows companies. Consumers give them high ratings for quality windows and doors, the professionalism of the installers, and the quality checks done once the installations are completed. Two areas of concern a few customers mention include difficulty obtaining a quote and being able to have the work scheduled in a time frame the clients found convenient.

  3. Capitall Windows Inc.

    No discussion of the best window companies in the greater Ottawa area would be complete without mentioning Capitall Windows. Many satisfied customers in Google Reviews and on Homestars mention the quality of the windows and the expertise that the installation team brings to the table. Opinions on pricing vary, with some customers finding them among the most affordable window companies in the area and others feeling they are a little more expensive than the competition.

    While no one seems to be unhappy with the quality of the windows or the installation, there are some concerns about the quotes received. A few customers report work that they were assured was included in the quotes ended up being an extra charge. Some also found that there were scheduling errors that had the contractor showing up late or early. This may be distressing for people who have to take time off from their jobs to be home when the contractor arrives. Those issued led some clients to seek services from other Ottawa window installation companies.

  4. Westend Windows and Doors

    If you prefer to do business with window companies that receive high ratings from multiple sources, Westend Windows and Doors is for you. Reviews posted on Google give the company a 4.7 out of 5 rating. Over at Homestars, they boast an impressive 9.3 out of 10.

    When you get into the details, it’s easy to see why customers consider them among the best window companies in the Ottawa area. Westend is known for provided prompt and accurate quotes. The installation teams show up on time, and the work quality is among the best in town. Generally, customers consider them to be among the top window replacement companies in terms of customer support before and during the installation process. You will find some remarks that the level of support decreased after the work was done, but this appears to be an area where the company is working hard to improve.

  5. Verdun Windows and Doors

    A Homestars Star Score of 97.1% is one of the ways you know that Verdun is among the top window companies in the area. Customers often note the friendly and professional way they are treated by sales reps. Instead of pushing them toward certain window or door styles, the reps listen to the clients and then make suggestions. When friends ask customers if they can recommend “window replacement companies near me,” Verdun is sure to be part of the conversation.

    That same approach continues through the rest of the process. Quotes include details so nothing is left out. The company only works with the highest-quality products, so customers end up with windows and doors that last a long time. Even the installation teams arrive on time, get the work done, and clean up after themselves. The combination of experience, skill, and emphasis on customer satisfaction make them among the best residential windows companies in Ottawa.

    Be mindful that some customers have noted issues with communication, and occasionally the company has had to send out a second crew to deal with something the original crew overlooked. Typically, the company strives to accept ownership of anything that is not done properly and makes a reasonable effort to correct the problem.

So who is among the top window replacement companies in the area? Take a look at the recommendations for home window replacement companies and see what you think. Ask neighbours and friends for their recommendations before you call any of the residential window companies for consultations. With a little time and effort, you will now quite a bit about the house window replacement companies in the greater Ottawa area, and which one seems to be the right fit for your needs.

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