7 Best Window Replacement Companies In Ottawa

7 Best Window Replacement Companies In Ottawa

When it's time to replace the windows in your Ottawa home, choosing the right company is key. With so many options available, it can be tricky to determine which companies offer the best quality, service, and value.

To make your decision easier, we've researched and evaluated the top residential window replacement companies in Ottawa based on reputation, products, warranties, price range, and customer satisfaction. Here are the top companies to consider for your next window replacement project.

Top Ottawa Window Replacement Companies

Company Best For Features Price Range HomeStars Rating Google Rating
1. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors Overall Quality Locally made, energy efficient, draft resistant $$$ 9.4/10 4.6/5
2. Big City Windows & Doors Design Options Variety of styles, customization available $$-$$$ 9.4/10 4.8/5
3. Capitall Windows Inc. Affordability Competitive pricing, financing available $-$$ 9.1/10 4.4/5
4. Westend Windows & Doors Customer Service Quick quotes, 24/7 support $$$ 9.4/10 4.6/5
5. Verdun Windows Doors Innovation Patented technology, high efficiency $$$ 9.3/10 4.8/5
6. Bayview Windows Experience 30+ years serving Ottawa $$$ 9.2/10 4.7/5
7. Scheel Window & Door Product Selection Large catalog, quality brands $-$$$ 9.0/10 4.5/5

How We Evaluate Window Companies

When reviewing window and door replacement companies in Ottawa, we look at the following key factors:

  • Product Quality: Do they offer high-performance windows from reputable brands? What materials and features are included?
  • Installation: Are installers experienced, insured, and back by strong warranties? What is the window installation process like?
  • Customer Service: How responsive, knowledgeable and helpful is their staff? Are customers satisfied with the experience?
  • Reputation: What do past customers and third-party review sites like HomeStars have to say? Higher ratings are better.
  • Variety: Is there a good selection of window styles and custom options available? More choice is ideal.
  • Affordability: How do their prices and financing options stack up against competitors? Value for money is key.
  • Warranties: Do warranties cover materials, installation, labor etc. for adequate time periods? Longer and more comprehensive coverage is preferable.

Using these criteria, we selected the top-rated window replacement companies in Ottawa. Here is an overview of our top picks:

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

Page: Windows Replacement in Ottawa

Overview: Canadian Choice is our top pick for overall quality and customer satisfaction. They manufacture the whole product range locally and offer superior-quality windows. Their dedicated team provides exceptional custom window replacement services.

Products: Energy-efficient vinyl windows with patented DraftLOCK technology. Over 40 low-maintenance styles, double/triple glazed, argon/Low-E.


  • Locally made, industry-leading windows
  • Draft resistant technology
  • Highly rated customer service
  • 25-year transferable warranty
  • No hidden costs


  • Premium pricing
  • Less style options than some competitors

Price Range: $$$

With excellent products, installation, and service, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is a great premium option if you want quality crafted custom windows and door products.

Big City Windows & Doors

Big City Windows & Doors

Site: www.bigcitywindows.com

Overview: Known for having a wide selection of styles and customization options, Big City Windows & Doors is a top choice if design flexibility is important to you.

Products: Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows in many styles. Custom sizing available. Energy efficient & secure.


  • Huge selection of window styles
  • Custom sizing options
  • Helpful design consultants
  • Positive customer feedback


  • More expensive than basic options
  • Less hands-on service than some companies

Price Range: $$-$$$

With the ability to get front door and windows made exactly to your specifications, Big City Windows & Doors is ideal for homeowners who want a personalized design.

Capitall Windows Inc.

Capitall Windows Inc

Site: www.capitalwindowsottawa.com

Overview: An affordably priced option known for quality products, Capitall Windows offers competitive pricing and financing plans to help make new windows achievable.

Products: Vinyl replacement windows available in double hung, casement, bow/bay, and more. EnergyStar certified options.


  • Fair, reasonable pricing
  • Quality residential windows
  • Financing plans available
  • Made in North America


  • Smaller selection than some companies
  • Can get busy during peak seasons

Price Range: $-$$

For budget-friendly vinyl windows installed by a professional team, Capitall Windows Inc. is a great value choice.

Westend Windows & Doors

Westend Windows & Doors

Site: www.westendwindowsanddoors.com

Overview: Westend Windows & Doors is known for quick turnaround on quotes, reliable installations, and providing responsive 24/7 customer service.

Products: Vinyl windows and patio doors made locally. Double/triple pane with Low-E and argon gas. Custom sizes.


  • Quick quotes and lead times
  • Great customer service reputation
  • Local manufacturing
  • 25-year warranty


  • Smaller window company than some competitors
  • Less financing options

Price Range: $$$

Westend Windows & Doors is a trusted local company praised for timely service, high-quality products, and supporting homeowners throughout the process.

Verdun Windows Doors

Verdun Windows Doors

Site: verdunwindows.com

Overview: Verdun utilizes patented technology to offer some of the most energy-efficient and durable windows available from a company with outstanding service and ratings.

Products: High-performance vinyl, fiberglass and hybrid windows. RevoCell technology. Custom options.


  • Cutting-edge window technology
  • Very energy saving
    Superior durability
  • Stellar customer ratings


  • Premium prices
  • Less style options

Price Range: $$$

With their innovative windows that excel in performance and efficiency, Verdun Windows Doors is a top option for those wanting advanced technology.

Bayview Windows

Bayview Windows

Site: www.bayviewwindows.ca

Overview: Family-owned for over 30 years, Bayview Windows brings worry-free experience, quality craftsmanship, and high-end window brands to Ottawa homeowners.

Products: Marvin, Fibrex, and other brands. Extensive style selection. Custom crafting.


  • 30+ years of experience
  • High-end window brands
  • Large product selection
  • Crafted locally


  • Expensive
  • Longer lead times

Price Range: $$$

For custom-crafted windows from an established local company, Bayview Windows offers expertise and high-quality brands.

Scheel Window & Door

Scheel Window & Door

Site: scheelwindows.com

Overview: In business for 75+ years, Scheel Window & Door carries a wide selection of brands and products at affordable price points.

Products: Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass options from leading brands like Pella. Energy-efficient products.


  • Established company since 1948
  • Broad range of product lines
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced consultants


  • More limited customization
  • Mixed reviews on HomeStars

Price Range: $-$$$

With its broad selection and experience, Scheel Window & Door gives homeowners many brands and options at reasonable and competitive prices throughout.

Why Quality Windows and Doors Matter

Installing top-quality replacement windows and doors has many benefits for your home:

  • Energy Efficiency - High-performance windows insulate your home better, reducing energy costs.
  • Noise Reduction - Modern window materials help block external noise for a quieter indoor space.
  • Improved Aesthetics - New windows and doors can drastically improve your home's curb appeal.
  • Increased Security - Advanced locks, laminated glass and reinforced window frames improve safety.
  • Durability - Quality materials withstand weathering and last for decades with little maintenance.
  • Higher Resale Value - Updating windows and doors increases buyer appeal and can raise property value.

Choosing the right window and door company ensures proper installation and the best products for maximum return on investment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Company

To find the best fit for your window replacement project, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Materials - Consider vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass based on your needs.
  • Thermal performance - Look for ENERGY STAR-certified high-efficiency windows.
  • Warranties - More coverage for longer periods (10-20 years) is best.
  • Certifications - Look for companies fully licensed by the window industry.
  • Installation Process - A detailed process with certified installers is ideal.
  • Customer Service - Responsiveness to questions and issues is important.
  • Reputation - Check reviews and complaints with the BBB and online.
  • Pricing - Get quotes from 3-5 window companies for best value.
  • Financing - Many companies offer financing options to help spread out costs.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate providers using these criteria increases your chance of window project success.

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Company

Some common mistakes to avoid when selecting a window replacement company:

  • Choosing based on price alone - A very cheap quote may indicate low quality.
  • Ignoring negative reviews - Don't dismiss red flags from past customers.
  • Not comparing warranties - Check coverage details and periods.
  • Using a company with no certified installers - This increases risk.
  • Not getting references - Speaking to past clients gives insights.
  • Focusing on ads, not reputation - Flashy marketing doesn't always equal good work.
  • Going for the quickest option - Taking time ensures a better decision.
  • Using a company that pressures you - Never feel forced into a decision.
  • Skipping energy performance research - Efficiency should be considered.

Doing your due diligence helps avoid these missteps and leads to better window replacement experiences.


Replacing the windows and doors in your Ottawa home is a significant investment. By carefully researching companies using the criteria above and avoiding common mistakes, you can feel confident you are choosing the best provider for a smooth installation and long-lasting, energy-efficient windows and doors that enhance your comfort and property value.

We recommend considering our top picks Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, Big City Windows & Doors, or Capitall Windows Inc based on their outstanding products, exceptional service, and complete customer experience. With the right window replacement company, you can look forward to enjoying your home's new look and improved energy efficiency for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the window and door installation process involve?

The entire process typically includes an initial consultation, product selection, custom window measurement and manufacturing if needed, scheduling the installation date, the actual window and door installation, post-installation inspection, paperwork, and clean up. A good company will guide you through every step.

How long does it take to replace windows?

For a whole home window replacement, the installation itself usually takes 2-3 days depending on the number of the windows replaced. Total time from order to installation may range from 2 weeks for standard sizes to 6+ weeks if custom manufacturing is required. The project manager can give you an estimated timeline.

Why should I replace my old windows?

Old, outdated windows are likely not energy efficient. New window technology helps lower energy bills by preventing air leaks and heat transfer. Replacing old windows also improves appearance, comfort and can add value to your home.

How much does it cost to replace a window?

The average price to replace a single window is $500-$1200 including labor, but costs can vary widely based on size, materials, accessibility, customization and other factors. Get quotes from multiple window companies to find the best value.

What is the best way to find good window repair services?

Quality window companies like the ones we recommend typically have repair technicians available. You want to find an experienced professional to properly diagnose and fix window issues. Companies that offer window warranties often provide repair services too.

Who is responsible for window replacement after installation?

The window company should assume responsibility for addressing any installation defects or issues under their workmanship warranty, usually 1-5 years. The manufacturer’s warranty would cover any manufacturing defects like seal failure or glass breakage.

How do I know if a window company is reputable?

The best window companies have excellent ratings and reviews. Check third-party sites like the Better Business Bureau for complaints. A long history serving the area, certified installers and strong warranties also indicate a reputable provider.

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