For a limited time, you can get up to $5000 in rebates from the Green Ontario Fund for upgrading to ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient 2018 windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GreenOn Rebate Program?

GreenON Rebates for High-Performance Windows are available through the Green Ontario Fund and cover $500/window, up to $5,000 when you upgrade to Energy Star ‘Most Efficient 2018’ rated windows.

Who is Eligible for this Rebate?

  • You must be an Ontario resident.
  • You must live in/own a detached home, semi, or townhome to be eligible for GreenON Rebates.
  • Renters must have the written permission of the owner/landlord.

How Does the Rebate Program Work?

Сanadian Choice Windows makes it very easy to get your New Windows Rebate! As a certified GreenOn contractor, we will submit the rebate application on your behalf when you sign your purchase agreement with us. When your windows are installed, you submit your proof of purchase to the Green Ontario Fund and you will receive your rebate cheque in the mail within 8-12 weeks.

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Windows & Doors

Here at Canadian Choice Windows, we offer a huge line of vinyl replacement windows and doors. Whether you need to replace a single window or you want to update your home with more energy efficient and beautiful windows, doors, patio doors, or even porch enclosures, Canadian Choice offers you everything you need. Our products are made right here in Canada, approved by the Canadian Standards Association, and custom designed for your home in Ontario.

We offer a variety of styles and sizes to suit all of your needs, including awning, casement, sliding tilt, bay, bow, contour series, single hung, double hung, end vent, and architectural windows to not only make your home more energy efficient, but also to provide you with aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to add to the value of your home or get rid of those cold drafts, Canadian Choice Windows has the right selection and the right value.

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Why do I need an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation?

Old or new, it's likely that your home is wasting you money. Drafts, inefficient heating and cooling systems, old appliances, the water tank that you own or rent - are all examples of where you could be losing energy, and losing money.

A customized enSMART Home Energy Evaluation, in accordance with Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program, is your first step to increasing the energy efficiency of your home. It gives you a top-to-bottom analysis of your home's energy use, from insulation to drafts, to your furnace, hot water tank, and air conditioner.

How much does an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation cost?

An enSMART Home Energy Evaluation is a necessary step in order to qualify for grants and rebates. When you consider that you could receive up to $5,000 for upgrading your current systems and equipment.

For example, if you are already thinking of replacing your furnace or air conditioner, the money you receive from the government will offset the cost of the evaluation - and may even put extra cash back into your pocket.

In addition, upon completion of your Pre-Retrofit Evaluation, the provincial government will issue a $150 rebate cheque - you do not need to complete a Post retrofit to receive this rebate.

The cost of an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation includes:

Pre-Retrofit Evaluation:
$300 + HST
Post-Retrofit Evaluation:
$150 + HST
$450 + HST

How does an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation work?

When you book an appointment for your enSMART Home Energy Evaluation, a trained and licensed Enbridge Home Energy Advisor will work with you to determine where you can maximize energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills.

Your advisor will use the latest technology to conduct a detailed assessment of your home's energy use, including:

  • Blower door test to determine your home's ventilation and air leakage
  • Analyze your heating and cooling equipment's efficiency
  • Conduct a detailed examination of your home's structure
  • Tour the home for air leakage trouble spots
  • Assess the home's insulative qualities

Within one week, you'll receive a detailed Evaluation Report that includes a summary of:

  • Where your home is losing energy
  • How much energy your home consumes and wastes
  • How heating, cooling, insulation, lighting and energy systems - gas or electrical - could become more efficient
  • How much you can expect to save - and help the environment at the same time - by making the recommended changes
  • The long and short-term energy efficient upgrades that make the most sense for your home
  • The grant amounts you may be eligible to receive - up to $10,000 - toward your upgrade

Expert advice. By following the expert advice of an Enbridge Home Energy Advisor, you can choose the upgrades or "retrofits" that will make the most sense for your home.

Professional installation. From there, we can provide you with quotes from up to three contractors and affordable financing with monthly payments on your gas bill from Enbridge Financial Services.

Up to $10,000 in savings. Once the work is done, we'll conduct a Post Evaluation - a necessary step toward receiving grants and rebates. Finally, we will take care of the rebate process for you - all you need to do is check your mail for your cheque from the entity providing the rebate.

What is the value of an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation?

Your enSMART Home Energy Evaluation will do more than show you how you can start saving energy and money. It all adds up to:

Saving money with smart renovations: Your Enbridge Home Energy Advisor will recommend changes that link energy efficiency to home improvements, and in turn, lower the cost of running your home. By making changes that will truly make a difference, you'll be able to sit back and think about how you'd like to spend the money you'll save!

A more comfortable, healthy home: Everyone wants a healthy, energy efficient home. Your enSMART Home Energy Evaluation will help you determine the changes that need to be made.

Improved ventilation: Your enSMART Home Energy Evaluation will show you how to ensure your home is properly ventilated and how it can work more efficiently as a system.

Added security when you purchase: Moving? If there is no evaluation report available, ask the seller to conduct an enSMART Home Energy Evaluation. That way, you'll be aware of the costs of operating your new home, along with ways to reduce energy costs and improve comfort.

Increased marketability when selling: Buyers are looking for energy efficient homes - and that's why they sell for more. By making the improvements featured in your enSMART Home Energy Evaluation, you'll receive an ecoENERGY Retrofit rating that shows you've done the work!

Helping the environment: Saving energy means less pollution from burning fuels. Running your home more efficiently means you'll be doing your part to conserve energy.

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