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Windows Replacement Guide: What Edmonton Tenants Need to Know?

Most people heard the phrase ‘replacement windows’, however for the same many people the idea and meaning of this phrase remains a mystery. In the article below Edmonton authors aim to uncover the veil from the windows replacement projects and explain their benefits for your homes.

What Are They?

Replacement windows are not completely new windows. They replace your old shabby windows parts by the new ones. It means that shape and size of the new windows remain the same and that they are installed into the existing windows construction. As an opposition to windows replacement new windows are installed into empty window opening, so a completely new base and construction of a window is possible.

Signs that You Need Replacement Windows

Most frequently you see and understand that something is wrong with your windows and that you need to repair or replace them. Here we collected some of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacement.

High Energy Bills.

According to Edmonton experts gradually raising energy bills should be one of the first warning signs. If your house is insulated well and the cost of energy does not go down, then the problem is most frequently in windows.


This is something you will literally feel. Old shabby windows are frequently prone to draft, whereas with new vinyl windows such an issue is not even on the table. Once you feel draft or breeze from windows – start replacement.

Window Glass is Cold.

Old single-pane windows are most frequently cold during the cold seasons, as a result your home is constantly spending energy to heat it while you lose money. With the modern double-pane vinyl windows you can forget about cold glass and will be able to read books in comfort even during the winter time on the balcony.

Operation problems.

Operation problems include hard opening and troubles closing your old windows. In this case your home definitely needs replacement, because it is not only inefficient, it is dangerous, because anyone can get into your home! Modern vinyl windows in case of proper installation will never ever give you a possibility to doubt their operational perfection.

Impossibility of Painting and Repair.

We all tend to repair everything old as much as possible until it becomes unbelievable to do anything else. If you have reached the point when repainting and repairs no longer help – replace your windows. According to Edmonton windows installation professionals most frequently you will see swollen from the humidity and rotten sashes or destroyed mechanism. When any of these signs are present in your existing windows – head to the store and get new replacement vinyl windows to forget about anything like that (vinyl windows require only cleaning once a season and no other maintenance at all).

Extra Money. In case you have calculated your income and see some extra money that you want to invest into your home, remember that windows replacement, according to Edmonton contractors, is the best thing you can do. If first of all, these money will come back to you with lower energy bills. Secondly, you will feel more comfortable and safe at home. And, finally, this investment will come back up to 80% of the cost in case of selling your house.

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