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Top 3 Reasons Never to Install Windows Yourself

Improving your property with modern vinyl windows is one of the best investments that a homeowner can make. Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient units can save you money and give your home a brand new look.

When you are thinking about windows replacement, you may decide to install new windows without professional assistance in order to save money. Take a look at our infographic to find top 3 reasons why you should never attempt to carry out vinyl windows installation yourself!

Top 3 Reasons Never to Install Windows Yourself - Infographic

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Updating your home with vinyl windows is one of the smartest investments you can make. Vinyl windows offer superior energy efficiency, helping to lower your utility costs and save you hundreds of dollars a year. Vinyl windows also require very little maintenance, saving you even more money and time.

When you look into vinyl windows replacement, you may be tempted to install them yourself to save a little money. Here are the top three reasons you should never install windows yourself:


Windows are large and heavy. They require two or more people to handle them in the best conditions. When installing them at great heights or in unique positions, special machinery may be required.

Attempting to install windows yourself can put you at great risk. If you drop the window, even a minor incident can lead to broken glass that can cut you. Major incidents can result in the window falling and breaking directly on you, leading to serious injury.

Damage to Property

If you have an accident during installation, you can also seriously damage your property. In your attempt to save a little money, you can wind up with hundreds or thousands in repair bills.

In addition to risking an accident, you also risk installing your windows incorrectly. You could compromise the energy efficiency of the windows by leaving a gap around the frame. You could unknowingly damage the frame or make a change that is not to code. You could even compromise your homeowner's insurance by attempting to install your windows yourself.

Not Always a Money Savings

Installing vinyl windows yourself will not always save you money. Many of the best vinyl windows companies offer free installation when you buy a total windows replacement. If you opt to install the windows yourself instead, you're foregoing that value and costing yourself time you could have spent on something else you find enjoyable.

Don't risk installing vinyl windows yourself. Always hire a professional to do it for you to protect yourself and your family. Even better, look for a windows company that offers free installation with your purchase. Click here to grab this deal for windows in Mississauga. You'll save a lot of money on the windows themselves, as well as the installation. You'll also have access to a large variety of windows, including different styles, sizes and colors. Explore your options today.

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