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3 Myths About Replacement Windows

Now that the word has gotten around about your decision to replace all the windows in your home, it seems as everyone has some sage advice to offer. What’s a bit disconcerting is how some of the advice offered by one conflicts with the wisdom offered by another. They can’t all be right, can they? Your best bet is to learn how to tell the difference between fact and myth when it comes to replacement windows in Winnipeg. Here are three of the more common myths that you should ignore no matter who insists they are true.

Wood is the Only Choice for an Older Home 

It’s true that the windows in your home right this minute are made of wood with glass panes. There are those who insist that choosing windows made of any other material will only damage the look of your house. Replacing the older windows with new ones that are also made of wood is the only acceptable course of action if you want to preserve the look and feel of the place in their opinions. 

The fact is that even if you have a home that was built over a century ago, it’s possible to use materials other than wood for those new windows. In fact, you can find vinyl windowsin just about any style that one can imagine. That means if you have wooden awning windows now, there’s no reason why you can’t replace them with vinyl awning windows. The look will be just the same. What will be different is that vinyl does not rot or warp and you will certainly have an easier time of keeping the windows in good shape. 

Windows Can Only Be Replaced Certain Times of the Year

More than one person has urged that you wait until the late spring or the autumn to have the windows replaced. The reasons they present may have to do with fitting the windows properly or could be the result of concerns about heating and cooling the house during the replacement. A contractor will tell you that the measures taken during a replacement project ensure the job can be done any time of the year.

During hot and cold weather, contractors generally replace the windows in a single room before moving on to the next one. That makes it possible to seal off the room where the work is currently in progress. It’s true that the one room will be less than comfortable while the old window is removed and the new one is put in position. The thing to remember is that the rest of the house remains at a comfortable temperature. 

A more important factor is the general weather conditions and not the temperature. Attempting a window replacement while snow is falling or a thunderstorm is going on is not a good idea. Assuming the weather is generally pleasant, you can have the windows replaced any time of year. 

New Windows Don’t Have That Much Impact on Energy Consumption 

Some will tell you that the windows will have little impact on how much energy it takes to heat and cool your house. Assuming that you have high-quality insulation in the walls and attic, that is not true. Older windows are key points of entry for drafts. Older glass designs also allow more heat and cold transference into the home. That translates into using more energy to maintain the indoor temperature you desire. In the latter case, new windows can slash your energy consumption by as much as 70%. 

Talk with your contractor about any concerns you may have about the window replacement. In no time at all, you’ll know why those double hung windows are a great choice, how vinyl will work better than other materials in many cases, and why you don’t have to wait until fall to have the work done.

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