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Windows Installation

When you choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ for any premium window or door replacement or new installation, you are assured the best installation that would custom-fit your home or property. We offer expert installation services that ensure an airtight fitting of the new windows without causing any changes to the original structure in the home.

Reliable Team of Installers

Canadian Choice™ provides the best of in-house window installers who are factory trained and fully insured. Our installers come by the home with all the necessary installation equipment to get the job done professionally. No installation is too difficult for our well-trained and experienced installers.

We are not like the typical home improvement company that brokers the installation project to subcontractors. With our own in-house installation team, the installation cost is cut down with real experts in the field attending to the task professionally.

Our installation team ensures a tight-fitting of the windows to keep the home comfortable, cozy and stylish at all times. Our installers also clean up any mess after the installation. The mess is removed according to the environmental law requirements without any hassle incurred on homeowners. The finished work would enhance the aesthetics of the home with a warranty on the workmanship.

This is the guarantee which Canadian Choice Windows and Doors™ offers with every premium window installed by our competent installing team.

Windows and doors that are custom-fit to your home
Expert installation and service
Quick, airtight installation without structural changes
Clean up and removal at no additional cost
A warranty on installation workmanship

We Have Our
Own Installers

Our installers are factory trained, bonded, and insured. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™ installers come to your home with our trucks, our equipment, and they install the job right, even if it has to take a little longer. No matter how complicated your installation, our installers can handle it.

The typical home improvement company acts as nothing more than a broker by contracting the work to be done on your home to a subcontractor. Basically, they sell to you and buy from someone else. Additionally, since the subcontractor is working for a fixed price, he must rush the work.

Caution: Be wary of amateurs when replacing windows and doors! Even if the job looks OK the fit may not be tight.

Clean Up and Removal
at No Cost to You!

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors™ will always clean up and remove old windows and doors from the job site at no cost to you. Other companies leave you with a bunch of old windows and doors on your lawn or even charge you extra for clean up after the job!

Wherever you are in Ontario, whether in Belleville, Collingwood or Kitchener we guarantee unmatched quality, customer service and an immaculate clean up!

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