Window & Door Replacement: A Holistic Approach

Window & Door Replacement: A Holistic Approach
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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

When renovating your home, the best solutions often come down to more than just the materials and designs of the individual components. It is a holistic process which involves manufacturing, delivery, installation, consultation with specialists, and customer support throughout and beyond project completion.

As a result, it is important to consider all of the infrastructure surrounding your renovation, as this will play a major role in deciding how smoothly the project goes, whether it is completed on time, and whether is stays within your budget.


You can expect the process of your renovation to start with a consultation, during which a representative will visit your home to discuss your plans in detail, examine the area to be renovated, and advise on the best approach.

This consultation will be fairly in-depth, covering the following factors, among others:

  • Considering window placement for optimum day lighting based on the sun’s position throughout the year and what is outside the window.

  • Thinking about how a window’s position and design will impact any passive heating or cooling in your home. Considering the amount of sunlight and heat received by south-facing windows and doors is a particularly important factor, as these elements can have tremendous effects on how well the internal temperature of your home is regulated.

  • Taking the architectural aesthetic of your home and neighborhood into account in order to ensure your home has a consistent style that suits both your personal tastes and the visual environment.

  • Taking necessary precautions in order to ensure windows and doors are able to withstand all weather conditions they are likely to face, including high winds, UV light, and corrosion from rain and snow.

  • It is, of course, just as important as these technical aspects of installation to ensure that your chosen windows are able to provide you with the best possible view in order for you to best enjoy from your home from the inside, taking your environment into account.

This part of the process is very important for ensuring you get an end result that matches your expectations and enables you to use the space in the way that you intend. Therefore, it is equally vital to have a representative with whom you can communicate easily. Besides the crucial skill of technical expertise, the ability to adapt renovation requirements to your individual needs is a key skill to look for in any installer.


Delivery of materials is another field of consideration that will have a significant impact on the results of your project. Late delivery of materials and delivery of incompatible materials are two of the most common causes of delays in any renovation or construction project.

There are many factors affecting the reliability of deliveries, such as:

  • From what distance are your materials arriving?

  • How many different suppliers are involved?

  • How far in advance will materials be ordered and delivered?

  • Will materials be delivered to your home, or to your installer?

  • Can materials be stored at your home?

  • Which delivery is each stage of the renovation dependent on?


There is a lot more to choosing a manufacturer than simply finding the right design and materials for your project. The manufacturers of any materials or components used in your project, such as the windows and doors, are a part of the delivery chain that enables a project to run smoothly.

Depending on the requirements of your project, there can also be other manufacturing considerations besides these to take into account. For example, if you want custom designs or material choices for your renovation, this can add to the manufacturing costs, and take more time for the parts to be delivered.


The installation of your new windows and doors is a critical part of the replacement process. Besides the installation of your products itself, the installer will also be responsible for modifying and customizing the design according to your needs, as well as accommodating this process to the specifics of your home.

The quality of your installer’s work will affect the final look and function of your new windows and doors, as well as their durability. High quality work is crucial for a successful result - poor quality work could even impact the structural integrity of your home.

As with deliveries, reliability and scheduling are important factors to consider when it comes to finding an installer. When you have work to go to, kids to drop off at school, and other commitments, you need an installer than work with your schedule in order to ensure ease of access to the property, and work without delays.

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Customer Support

It is not uncommon to run into unexpected issues and complications during a renovation as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, customer support can play a big role in how quickly a problem is resolved, and how satisfactory that solution is.

When considering your renovation, it is best to search for an installer that will take a proactive approach to resolving any issues that come up during the window and door replacement process. Following up after a project is complete is just as important as providing responsive customer support while the work is ongoing. Besides ensuring that the final product matches your expectations, you might also have queries that you need an answer to, for example, about maintaining or cleaning your new windows.

Canadian Choice Windows are experts in the holistic process of replacing windows and doors to meet your every need, and optimizing the function of your home. After a free consultation to evaluate your needs, we can provide the perfect solution to enhance your home, and reduce your energy costs.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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