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Why Spring is the Most Popular Season for Window Replacements

For most property owners, window replacement is a fact of life, especially if they own an older home. While this task can be performed at virtually any time of the year when the right Calgary windows installers are used, most people find that it is most practical to do so during the spring months for a variety of reasons.

#1 – Weather is better

During winter, you will have to contend with rain, sleet, ice or even snow for much of the time, which makes windows replacement highly impractical. However, the spring months usually deliver weather that is drier and warmer, meaning that you will be able to install your new windows in Calgary with little to no delays due to bad weather.

#2 – Easier to See Damaged Windows

Weather conditions during winter can make it close to impossible for experts to see whether any failed sealing is present or hardware has been damaged. However, once spring has made an appearance and the bad weather has cleared, it will be easier for our Calgary windows team to determine which of your home’s windows will need to be replaced.

#3 – Days start getting Longer

Spring brings with it longer days, which ultimately result in Calgary windows replacement teams being able to put in longer hours. This will enable your project to be completed quicker than if it were to be done during fall or winter, which means less hassle and inconvenience for you.

#4 – Keep your Home more Comfortable

The more windows you are having replaced, the more you will notice the benefits of having the job done at this time of year. When un-conditioned air enters your home, it can make conditions indoors somewhat uncomfortable – especially during summer or winter. However, temperatures during spring are relatively mild and temperate, so this will not be much of an issue if you choose this time of year to replace windows.

#5 – You will be able to Enjoy the Spring Weather

If you have multiple windows that are damaged and cannot open because of this, you will be missing out on being able to enjoy that gentle spring breeze. In addition, you will be missing out on getting fresh air into your bedrooms during the evenings, which could affect your overall quality of sleep.

#6 – Book your Installation Early

As spring is such a great time of year to install your new windows in Calgary, it is essential that you schedule a consultation with our team here at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors as early as possible beforehand. This will ensure that you don’t have to wait too long to give your home the facelift that it deserves.

Our team here at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors has an extensive level of experience, which means that every job is completed to absolute perfection. If you would like to find out more about our range of Energy Star windows and other products or services that we offer, contact our team today.

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