What can a Home Improvement Loan Be Used for?

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Home improvement is the first step any family has towards transforming their home into a dream home. Whether that be the garage, doorways, lighting, or windows, a renovated and upgraded home can also fetch a much higher price on the real estate market.

When looking for a competent company to focus on home improvement, you look for people with honesty, integrity, and a lot of experience. There are many companies that may offer you quotes but have the design done by an amateur or have installation completed by a newly hired teen working part-time.

Are you dealing with:

  • Creaky windows with difficult to reach corners for maintenance?
  • Creaky doors that have scratch marks after only a year of use?
  • Windows with condensation and/or cracking that’s letting air seep in?
  • Patio doors that are constantly getting stuck?
  • Very fragile window designs that are prone to breaking?
  • Heating issues or vice versa AC problems?
  • Rising energy bills that leave you stuck scratching your head?
  • Leaking roof? Need to find a good roofing company?

Home Improvement Loans – Gateway to the Future

Windows and doors give your home life, when real estate companies take pictures of a home, they capture the front. This is because from the front, the lighting is ideal and makes the home look larger. And this is because the front of your home is defined by your windows, front door, and garage doors.

Your windows and doors dictate the lighting of your home, the design, the external appearance. They are what makes a home stand out from others. If you’ve seen the modern home designs, you’ve probably noticed the huge, expansive windows and sleek, modern doors. Taking out a home improvement loan allows you to make the most out of those features by putting your investment towards changing your generic factory-built home into a custom masterpiece that makes your home more secure, durable, spacious, bright and energy efficient.

All our windows and doors are EnergyStar certified to allow you to save as much as 31% on your annual energy bills with our revolutionary DraftLock plus technology as well as a lifetime transferable warranty to ensure that you, the customer, gets the product and service you deserve.

  1. High Return on Investment:
    According to a report by ISoldMyHouse.com, replacement window vinyl sliding and window replacements accounted for the first and third best home investments when it came to their ROI with each giving an 89% and 85% return on investment respectively. What this means is that your home improvement loan will receive the biggest bang for its buck if you invest in window and door replacement. If for instance you spend $10,000 on window replacement, you can expect to see that result not only in improved windows and home but also a $8500-$9000 increase in your property’s value in the future.

  2. Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest
    Home improvement loans are there not only to invest into the future but also to enjoy the present. Think about this, even if you invest into a giant swimming pool in your backyard, it’ll only be available from June to September. During the other months of the year, your pool sits idly by. On the other hand, a revamped window design affects the here and now 12 months a year. Whether it’s a sweltering summer and you need tight windows that keep the heat out, or it’s a freezing winter where you have windows to keep the heat in. Whether it’s a sturdy window you need to protect against the kids that play baseball in the park nearby or a maneuverable one that makes cleaning and maintenance easier. A home improvement loan for window replacement is one that makes your life easier.

  3. From Old to New
    Using your home improvement loan when moving into a new property is a perfect way to settle in, especially if the property is on the older side. One of the major concerns with older homes is electricity, heating and cooling since these systems require frequent maintenance. One aspect of the home that can help immensely are windows. Like it or not, not all windows are made equal and some builder-grade windows might start to break down after a couple of years. The cracks that form can allow air from outside to seep in resulting in drafts and overall low thermal efficiency that put a strain on your AC and heater. This will thereby cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Taking the time to invest in new windows that you can rely on and ones that keep your home comfy and cozy is an investment you won’t regret.

New Windows and Doors for a Revamped Home

Replacing your windows with updated technology, features, and design mechanics from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors will:

  • Improve lighting throughout your home by maximizing both spacing and your room designs to bring the ideal experience in style and specs
  • Result in resistant windows made from 100%uPVC powder compound which provides greater impact resistance as well as fading, discolouration, cracking and peeling resistance
  • Give you sturdy fusion welding corners that provide additional structural strength
  • Provide a high security multipoint locking system designed to keep intruders out
  • Provide smooth opening mechanisms designed for easy maintenance/cleaning

What all this does is increase the value of your home, not only for you living in it now, but for future potential buyers for whom first impressions are more important than ever.

Going Through the Process – Step-by-Step

Everyone has their own ideal of what their home should look like and at Canadian Choice, we understand that everyone is different. That is why we never force any of our clients into singing contacts. You come to us completely of your own free will, we’ll give you all the options available to you and you’ll make the decision whether or not to work with us. It all goes like this:

  1. Free Consultation:
    To start off, you can contact us at your local Canadian Choice branch or visit our website at www.windowscanada.com to book your consultation free of charge. In this, we will provide accurate measurements and quantities for your windows and doors and provide you with the estimated time, cost, and financing options available to you.

  2. Design and Planning:
    From our team of certified experts in the field of home improvement with years of experience, you will be appointed one as your service representative.
    They will manage your project by guiding you through our digital showroom and advising you on the ideal window and door models for your home to perfect lighting, spacing and energy efficiency whilst minimizing costs for you. This will all be done through a 3D virtual layout of the windows and doors so you can be sure that you are receiving exactly what you paid for.

  3. Communication:
    From beginning to end, our team will ensure a quick and easy transition for you. We understand this might be a stressful time and we’re here to help. Our service representatives are available through phone, email or Zoom and will respond in a matter of hours to any concerns.

  4. Installation:
    On the fateful day, our crew will come in with our newly crafted windows and doors and make sure to get the job done as quickly as possible while never sacrificing quality.

Bay window cost

Choosing Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Our price matches any reasonable offer mixed alongside our flexible financing program of 0% interest and payments until 2022 as well as monthly payments starting as low as $29/month ensure that no family is left behind due to financial concern.

At Canadian Choice Windows and Doors, we give equal weight to every one of our customers, regardless of the size and price of the project. It’s on this attitude that we build our reputation of shared trust and quality.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is proud to have been nominated for the Best of HomeStars award with thousands of positive reviews posted from amongst our tens of thousands of satisfied clients and more than a million installed windows and doors across Canada. We’re eager to have you be the next one of our satisfied clients today by visiting us at www.windowscanada.com!

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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