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Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Windows on a Budget

The way you dress your windows can have a big impact on the look and feel of the whole room. The right window coverings can take a room from drab to fab.

Unfortunately, window coverings can be expensive. Whether you have just invested in a Calgary windows replacement for your home or you just want to redecorate your current windows, here are a few tips and tricks for decorating your windows on a budget:

Make Coverings Yourself

Whether you are considering Roman blinds, curtains or cornices, window dressings can be very expensive. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars covering the windows in just one room, depending on how many windows they are and what kind of coverings you choose.

Fortunately, many window dressings are very easy to make. For just the cost of the fabric and some elbow grease, you can have gorgeous window dressings that look like a designer made them. 

Don't Use Full Dressings 

Even if you make the window coverings yourself, the fabric can start to add up if you are on a tight budget. You can cut costs by making window dressings that only cover a portion of the window. Some popular options include cornices that add a band across the top of the window or valances that swoop down from the top and cover only part of the sides.

These window dressings are beautiful, and they are a fraction of the cost of full panel curtains. 

Use Found Objects 

You don't have to cover your windows with curtains or blinds. Today's DIY-ers are getting pretty inventive with window coverings using found objects. For example, you can mount an old door on a track bar to cover the window and create a unique look for the room. You can use old shutters, garlands and other objects to create interesting window coverings. 

Think beyond the traditional coverings and look in your basement or attic to find some items you can repurpose into some interesting window decorations.

Your Calgary window choices make a big impact on your home. Beyond how you decorate your windows, you also need to think about the quality of the windows and their energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are the best choice for quality and energy efficiency, and for the best values on vinyl windows, Calgary residents trust Canadian Choice Windows. We are a respected Calgary windows company, and we are ready to help you pick out the perfect vinyl windows for your home

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