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The 3 Summer Home Renovations You Still Have Time to Do

It’s true that quite a bit of summer has already come and gone. You had the best of intentions in terms of arranging for a few renovations to the home but it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t despair: there is still time to get some things done and make your home more comfortable than ever. If you don’t get around to anything else, here are three areas that you can still address before summer becomes autumn. 

Repair or Replace Those Aging Windows 

When was the last time you took a good look at the windows? Perhaps they are still in great shape and mainly need a little cosmetic care. If that’s the case, hire someone who can scrape off the old paint, apply a coat of primer, and then finish off with a fresh color. Consult with a professional to come up with a color that works nicely with the rest of the home exterior. 

Maybe no amount of cosmetic work will hide the fact that the windows are wearing out. In this scenario, you need a contractor who can help you decide what sort of window replacements would work best. You can go with the same general style or update to something that is more in keeping with the home’s design. 

Replace Your Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Most people don’t really pay much attention to their home’s sliding glass doors in Toronto until something begins to go wrong. Perhaps the doors stick or seem to jump the tracks from time to time. The framework may have seen better days or you are just tired of the look.

Replacing those older sliding doors is easier than you think. A contractor can determine if the track system needs to go or if it can be cleaned and used with a fresh set of doors. When talking about the sliding door replacement, remember to pay close attention to the type of glass used. You want something that minimizes heat and cold transference and possibly tempered glass that helps reduce glare without interfering with the view. 

Update Your Wooden Interior and Exterior Doors

Maybe you thought about installing new wood doors in Toronto, specifically the exterior ones. The right front door replacement will add to the curb appeal of the home while an ideal back door replacement will improve general security. Thanks to the different styles, colors, and features offered with wood doors today, you won’t have any trouble finding replacements that make the home safer, look great, and last for decades.

While you are replacing the exterior doors, don’t forget to consider some changes with the interior doors. It may be time to think about updating the French doors that lead into the dining room. Maybe new doors with more soundproof qualities would be a good idea for the bedrooms. A contractor can help you evaluate different designs and come up with solutions that are right for the home. 

Remember that summer is not over yet. There’s still time to contact a professional and get a few things done. Along with improving the look of the place, the practical benefits will begin paying off immediately and certainly ensure you have a cozier winter.

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