Replacing Windows Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic — What You Need to Know

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2 months ago
Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

Replacing the windows on your home can be an endeavour worth several months of effort and thousands of dollars. All of this additional work is compounded with the current ongoing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic which has put individuals and businesses around the country under strict public health guidelines to try to mitigate the spread.

However, pandemic or not, people always need homes and thus people always require new windows. That is why Canadian Choice is here to help you with a comprehensive, easy to understand and accessible process through which you can get a window replacement in under a month and not pay until 2022 or pay a mere $29 a month to ensure that every family, no matter their current financial struggles, can afford our services.

Easy and Accessible - Life Made Easy from Home

Canadian Choice offers an in-depth process for our clients when it comes to deciding on the appropriate windows and doors that will be installed. This is something that is crucial for all customers as it helps our clients go through each step of the process one-by-one so that we can guarantee that you will know exactly what you’re getting, when you’ll get it and for how much.

Consultation and Quote

Our first step of the process is the consultation. Before starting any work on design, we first need to assess the number of windows you need replaced and the size of the windows you require. This is done with our own team from the outside. To minimize contact, measurements can also be done from the interior by you after you have been sent an email directly from Canadian Choice outlining specific measurement instructions for your windows and doors.

Our consultation services are also completely contact-free with us being able to contact you in a format of your choosing (i.e. Skype, Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Zoom). You will subsequently be connected to one of our project managers who will explain your options to you.

Planning and Design

The second step of planning and design requires the utmost of care and meticulousness from our side as it does from yours. Here, our project experts will discuss the upcoming project with you. They will outline current promotions and financing options available to you, the ideal make, style, and design of the windows and/or doors you plan on installing as well as a potential timeframe and installation.

Why Customized Windows Are So Important

It’s important to keep in mind that not every window is made the same and even a window of the same make that was manufactured 15, 10 or even 5 years ago might not match up with its current day counterpart. That is why our experts are here to help you sort through the various window options at your disposal by analyzing your needs.

Do you need a vast wide open expanse to look out into the forest, farm or garden from your living room or bedroom? In that case, scenic bay and bow or potentially architectural windows might be your best friend providing you with the optimal spacing and lighting you need for a gorgeous view.

Maybe you want a medium-sized window that provides easy ventilation and comes with easy maintenance whilst also proving to be extremely energy efficient? If that’s the case, you might consider looking into fixed casement windows in your bedroom or kitchen. Perhaps you even want a smaller compact window that might even sacrifice on lighting but excels at thermal efficiency and ventilation in tight to reach spaces? Then maybe an awning or sliding tilt window is your best bet.


After finalizing the details of your project, we will go over the details of the installation with you, book an appropriate time slot and send you a touch-free digital contract for you to sign. On the installation date, our crew will come and remove your old windows and immediately replace them with our new ones. After we are done, we’ll inform you of the unique features of our windows and how to use them in case you forgot. We’ll also call back the next day to ensure that you’re satisfied with our product. If not, not to worry, you can contact us at any time and we’ll send help on the way.

Mitigating The Impact of COVID-19

At Canadian Choice, we take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and have strived to adjust our business practices to the adapting landscape to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We do this through numerous policies that emphasize a touch-free environment and constant monitoring of symptoms or potential spread of the virus. Here’s how:

  1. Isolation and Flexible Working: All employees who have been in contact with a COVID-positive individual are required to take a compulsory period of self-isolation for 2 weeks. We, however, encourage working from home at Canadian Choice wherever possible to minimize potential infections.

  2. Sanitation and Social Distancing: With our newly instituted stringent workplace health requirements, all staff must wash their hands multiple times throughout the day and before leaving home. Temperatures are also recorded and closely monitored when workers enter the workplace. Workers with any symptoms are asked to go home into isolation and/or get tested.

  3. Keeping Our Offices Safe: All our equipment is handled with extreme care as they are all cleaned with disinfectant after every use, walk-ins are also no longer accepted with our office only being open for reserved appointments. 

  4. Keeping Our Clients Safe: All individuals that are sent as either our project experts, service representatives or installation crew have all passed our strict regulations with temperature and symptom checks. Any staff on our team exhibiting a temperature exceeding 38 degrees Celsius are placed on mandatory leave.

  5. Fully Mobile Team: All our staff are equipped with hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes, water, and tissues and are obligated to wash their hands upon arrival. Our team is also required to maintain a 6 foot distance with our clients to prevent physical contact as much as possible. 

  6. Going Virtual: Our newly improved virtual communications allow our staff to work seamlessly from home accompanied with paperless documentation. We encourage all staff members and customers to transact through our digital interfaces instead of through the use of physical documents.

Bay window replacement cost

Using Canadian Choice During COVID-19

Our number one priority, our customers, are fully accounted for with our newly implemented safety policies to ensure the safety of you and our workers. If you are concerned and require additional accommodations to feel safe, don’t hesitate to contact us at 416-848-6930 to discuss how we can serve you best.

Our goal is to see you satisfied with your new and improved home, whether you intend to live in it or use the investment to sell it is up to you.

Regardless, in a time of financial uncertainty, Canadian Choice offers an enticing deal of home improvement which can not only lower your energy bills due to energy efficiency but can also substantially increase the value of your property. According to a report done by, replacement vinyl sliding and window replacement ranked as the first and third best home improvements with return on investment (i.e. money you get back after you sell your investment) with 89 and 85% respectively.

So don’t hesitate to come in and book your free consultation today to make your home cleaner, comfier and cozier today! All you have to do is visit our website at or contact us at your local Canadian Choice office today!

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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