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How to Prepare Your Home For New Window Replacements

Now that you've chosen new windows for the home and have a date locked in for the installation to begin, it’s time to prepare the house and grounds. Your goal is to ensure the team handling the windows installation can work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Put these four suggestions to good use and those new windows in Winnipeg will be in place in no time.

Trim the Hedges 

Installing new Winnipeg windows does involve having easy access to each window. Outside, consider trimming the hedges flanking the outer walls. The idea is to create more space where the installation team can move the old windows out of the way and slide the new ones in position. Ideally, they should have room to do that without constantly backing into one of the shrubs. You’ll be surprised how this one action will speed up the process of installing those replacement windows. 

Clear the Interior Space Around the Windows 

Inside, you also want to temporarily relocate anything that could slow down the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new windows and doors. Take down all window treatments and store furnishings that are normally placed in front or near the windows in an attic or basement. Larger pieces that could be in the way might be moved to an interior wall or at least pushed to the middle of the room. Doing this the day before the team from the Winnipeg windows company is due to arrive will make installation day a little less hectic for everyone. 

Find a Place for the Pets and Children to Go 

Many contractors and installation team members love pets and children. Unfortunately, their natural curiosity about what’s happening in the home could make it harder for those workers to concentrate on their tasks. There’s also some risk of children or pets getting a little too close and sustaining some sort of injury. 

Consider arranging a play date elsewhere for your kids. If possible, ask if the pets can come along. If not, maybe a neighbor or relative would be willing to have the pet over for the next day or two. When they return, those new windows in Winnipeg will be in place and the kids can pets can inspect them to their heart’s content. 

Surrender the Driveway for the Duration of the Installation

Installing new Winnipeg windows does require room to haul in materials and equipment. You can make it easier for those who are installing your new windows and doors by freeing the driveway for their exclusive use. This makes it easier and faster to unload the replacement windows near the home. It will also help the team save some steps as they collect the old windows and prepare to haul them away.

Remember that everything that helps the installation team also benefits you. By providing an environment where the team can focus on the actual installation, they get the work done faster. You get the benefit of beginning to enjoy the benefits of what you purchased from the Winnipeg windows company sooner rather than later. Everyone wins.

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