How Energy Efficient Windows Can Help You to Reduce Temperature in Your Home?

How Energy Efficient Windows Can Help You to Reduce Temperature in Your Home?
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4 months ago
Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

With another hot Winnipeg summer on its way, you might be thinking about ways that you can control the temperature in your home. Air conditioning or heat pumps are always a good option, but they also cost a significant amount of energy and are not terribly environmentally friendly. The answer might come down to your windows. Beginning a replacement window project now can keep your house cooler both now and far into the future.

Creating an Airtight Seal

The primary manner in which energy efficient windows keep your home cooler is by creating an airtight seal that prevents cool air from escaping and keeps warm air from getting in. In older times, this required installers to apply caulk and weather stripping to avoid air leaks. Modern windows Winnipeg use better technology that lasts for a longer period of time, including pressure seals that can stay tight for years or even decades. The airtight seal created by these windows does more than just keep indoor and outdoor air from mixing. Because these windows are so well insulated, they also help stop moisture and condensation from building up, thus extending the life of both windows and frames.

Shifting with the House

The most durable and energy efficient windows tend to be vinyl windows, which provide a level of flexibility that older materials can't match. Over time, even well built houses shift and settle. This is just the nature of architecture – nothing that large can stay in one place forever, especially when the environment around it goes through so many changes. Older building materials shifted away from the house, creating gaps and air leaks that would let warm air from the outside in. Vinyl windows, however, have enough flexibility to shift with the house, keeping the seal intact even after many years. This means that even older houses become less prone to energy loss, resulting in cooler summer days inside.

Cost of windows

Insulated Glass

It's no secret that glass tends to be the weak point when it comes to heating and cooling efficiency within most Winnipeg homes. Glass can't be insulated the way walls can, and it allows a more rapid heat exchange than non-transparent surfaces. However, just because older windows had this problem doesn't mean that modern replacement windows haven't come a long way in fixing it. Modern windows have better glazing and are designed to be more heat efficient. This means that while some energy loss is inevitable, the amount of cold air that gets through your news windows is greatly reduced compared to what it would have been just a few years before. Thanks to modern glass treatments, your replacement windows can guarantee a cooler home.

For all these reasons and more, new energy efficient windows can reduce your cooling bills this summer. The same principles also apply to keeping cold air out and heated air in during the winter. As a result, when you get new replacement windows, you improve your home's energy efficiency year round. As the weather gets warmer and your air conditioning bills rise, you owe it to yourself to make sure your house stays comfortable. Reach out to a high-quality windows manufacturer today. Let them know you want your house to stay comfortable year round and they will do their best to make that happen at a cost you can afford.

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Reviewed by Bryan Baeumler

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