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How Does a Modern House Exterior Look Like?


The modern home design has changed drastically in the past few decades. As innovations in technology from engineering, architectural, design and simply better more sturdy material have spread and become commonplace, the idea of the modern house design has shifted with it. For instance, the modern home of the 1950s consisted of a sprawling bungalow, huge lawn and nice, large porch to step onto where you can enjoy an after-work smoke. My how times have changed. Nowadays, everything has changed to the point where the ideas of the 1950s may seem completely foreign and alien to us today. Now at first glance, they may be, however if we take a look as to the modern contemporary house, we start noticing some glaring similarities between the dream home of the 2020s and the one of the 1950s. 

The Contemporary Home Design 

For one, contemporary home designs have also shifted to include more of a bungalow type feel as people get tired of living in cramped over-populated urban centres and instead naturally want more space to themselves. The large lawn, long driveway as well as large porch give a sense of freedom, of calm and detachment from the worries of our ever-taxing world of never-ending hustle and bustle. I’m here to tell you what you can expect from a modern family house both when it comes to modern house exteriors and modern house interiors. 

One of the first things that come to mind in any view of a modern contemporary homes interior and exterior are the windows and doors. They’re hard to ignore because they are what turn a statue of bricks, wood and paint into your home. They let you enter and come out, they give you sunlight and fresh air, they make your home feel yours. After all, the whole design screams freedom and escaping the big city to let in the sunshine every morning and cool breeze wake you up can instantly make you feel 10 times better than waking up to the sound of car honks and gloom from the apartment complex across the street.  

What Are DraftLOCK Windows and Why Should I Care? 

Windows are what give your home its look, whenever you’ve caught yourself thinking of the ideal modern house styles, you imagine large, sprawling windows that make you feel almost as if you’re in a palace where you wake up every morning to open the curtains and the sunlight comes rushing in to give you the energy in the morning to appreciate the world. A place where you can know that no matter what you’re dealing with in life, you have it pretty good compared to many others who share this world with you. 

DraftLOCK windows are a special brand of windows that distinguishes itself from other window brands in some crucial aspects. To give you a quick breakdown, DraftLOCK windows are some of the most energy-efficient, safe, affordable and diverse windows out there on the market today. Let’s go into the details. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: In order for a window brand to be considered energy-efficient or not, it has to be looked over by EnergyStar which is a government organization in charge of testing products and making sure they meet their specifications for energy performance. Companies can choose to get certified or not although it’s always best to be wary of those who are not. You have probably noticed that some appliances in your home already had an EnergyStar sticker on them, now you know why. DraftLOCK windows are designed with one of the highest industry energy ratings and was awarded the 2020 top Energy Star rating for 2020 and beyond. This is due to its unique design.
  2. Modern Eco-Friendly Approach: DraftLOCK windows are designed with the highest quality, unplasticized, lead-free UuPBC which is extruded directly from pure powder. They are also UV resistant meaning they will not fade, discolour, warp, crack or peel over time as with older models. These windows are all 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.
  3. Classy Look, Accessories and Endless Variety: DraftLOCK windows come with specialized glass coating that ranges drastically. One example is the i89 enhanced performance glass which makes sure to absorb as little heat as possible and to instead reflect it back into your room to make you feel snug and cozy on cold winter mornings. Another option is the 366 ULTIMATE performance glass which ensures the perfect in-between of controlling the sun and high visibility. The glass options have been shown to reduce solar heat by up to 65% and UV radiation by up to 95%. If I told you we weren’t increasing the numbers to make it sound cooler, I’d be lying. That doesn’t take away however from the fact these windows have the proof to back up their claims.
  4. Superior Design:DraftLOCK windows use advanced glazing technology to get rid of the black or rubber glazing marks which if not removed can eventually lead to less energy efficiency and make it easier for stains to form on your window frame. The contoured lines around the window also give the windows a more homey and cozy feel which can remind you of a cottage or any other modern house ideas you might be considering.
  5. Safety and Security Guaranteed: In truth, nothing takes precedence over this factor. When someone that’s unwelcome comes into your house through your windows, everything else becomes irrelevant. That’s why DraftLOCK windows also have the highest security rating of Grade 40 which is the highest rating possible for a vinyl window. All windows come with a high security locking system and a night latch. If something were to happen to your window, you shouldn’t have to worry since DraftLOCK windows come with a lifetime comprehensive warranty so that you can sleep easy at night. 

Which Windows or Doors Should I Get? 

There are many different styles of windows and doors that you can get with each one differing in function and in the type of aesthetic you wish to have in your modern house exterior and in how they complement your interior.  

They can all range from casement windows to double and single hung windows to the grand architectural windows of many films with their iconic cylindrical shape at the top while being all custom manufactured to fit any window opening. If you want, you can also try out the new European style window if you just have a craving for the feel of Marseille, the beaches of Spain or the city centre of Rome. For more options, you can visit Canadian Choice Windows & Doorsto find out about accessories, offers and more! If you want a more nature-based feel, you should consider installing large windows without many borders such as with double hung windows or maybe architectural to add in a touch of fancy a la mode. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a more traditional feel, you can try out the new European style windows or casement style windows; perfect for keeping out intruders. 


The modern house design is not just one about interior but with connecting your home with the outside world and it is through those connections really give off the aura that you want for your home. A traditional design for a small modern house would work better with smaller windows and perhaps darker coloured hardwood doors. On the other hand, a larger home would probably benefit from sprawling windows and a metal or fibreglass door. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide but just know that with top-notch reviews, affordable prices, and high-end design tech, Canadian Choice is always there to assist you in creating the home you deserve.

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