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How to Decorate for the Holidays without Damaging Your Home

Holiday decorating has the power to put people in the party mood in no time, while helping them channel their inner artist and beautify their surroundings. Nonetheless, the thought that you’d have to drill holes in your walls, doors or windows to complete this project may kill your enthusiasm in a split second.

Tips on How to Hang Your Decorations Rapidly and Risk-Free

At the same time, you would probably like to explore hanging methods that will save you and your loved ones a trip to the emergency room, considering that 30% of home fires take place during the three months of winter, and can be tied to Christmas tree fires and falling holiday decorations, such as candles.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which you could hang your seasonal decorations and achieve the look you have in mind without putting your property and your own wellbeing on the line. Here are four elegant, practical and totally harmless decorating ideas that you should try during this time of the year, especially if you’re planning on spending less on Christmas this winter.

Use Window Decorations with Suction Cups. Window decorations that come with adhesives may stain your glass surfaces and make you work hard to clean them. Avoid this drawback by buying and using window adornments featuring suction cups. Before installing them, make sure both the glass surface and the suction cups are perfectly clean. Using suction cups, you can decorate your windows by hanging colorful socks filled with candy and small toys that would make great gift ideas for your youngsters.

Opt for Wall Art That Comes with Self-Adhesive Hooks. Affordable decorations with self-adhesive hooks could be found in most DIY stores. Choose the ones that best match your current décor theme, and rest assured knowing that you could easily place, remove and store them without affecting the aesthetic value and integrity of your indoor surfaces.

Use Hot Glue. Most crafters love hot glue for a very good reason: this magnificent product allows them to hang a wide range of decorations, such as Christmas lights or garlands on walls and windows without staining these surfaces. Hot glue ensures a strong hold on nonporous layers, and it can be easily peeled off once you decide to take down your seasonal decorations and replace them with other adornments.

Buy Window Clings. Window clings are appreciated for their versatility and reduced costs. These elements offer you an easy, budget-friendly way to style up your windows. All you have to do is buy sheets of colorful clings with winter motifs, such as snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeers and snowflakes, and rely on stunning frosted ornaments to prepare your windows for the holiday season. Before actually placing the stickers on any glass surface, remember to clean your windows thoroughly to make sure your clings will stay in place throughout the entire holiday season.

Choose Your Holiday Decorating Method Wisely

These are only a few ideas that you could apply to dress up your doors, windows and walls on a budget, without damaging your house. Test them all, and embrace the one that is fully compatible with your design requirements and expectations, and your allocated budget for this year’s decorating efforts. 

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