All Weather Windows Manufacturer Review

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When it comes to having new windows and doors installed at your property, finding the right contractor and manufacturer is vital to ensuring you get a quality result that you are happy with for a long time.

If you are looking for window and door installation in Calgary, you have probably encountered All Weather Windows. To help you find the best choice for your property renovation, we’ve put together what you need to know about All Weather Windows to make an informed comparison.

About All Weather Windows

All Weather Windows is a well-established window and door manufacturer that has been in operation for more than 40 years. Since its founding in 1978, the company is now one of the largest window and door manufacturers in Canada, and was sold by its founders to new management in 2015.

The Types of Window Options Offered by All Weather Windows

All Weather Windows manufactures windows in a wide range of styles and sizes. In terms of materials, you have three options to choose from: acrylic wrap, PVC, and aluminum clad PVC. All Weather Windows offers windows in a range of operating styles including awning windows, bay windows, casement windows, fixed windows, hung windows, picture windows, and slider windows.

Their premium window series, Terrano, is available in every window style and provides triple-glazed glass and weather stripping to improve its longevity and energy efficiency. Many of their other window series are only available for certain window styles, although there are still several options to choose from in every style.

The lack of any wood material options is the only notable omission in their offerings. All Weather Windows also allows you to customize the style and finish of your windows, although it does not provide options for custom window sizes and shapes.

All Weather Windows provides products that are highly energy efficient and look great on modern homes, although the lack of wood finish options might make them less suitable for replacing windows in older homes.

All Weather Windows Provides Doors As Well As Windows

All Weather Windows obviously focus on their window products, however, that is not all that is on offer, there are also plenty of door options to consider. They provide several styles for entry doors that are ideal for the front and back entrances. These are available in fiberglass with a natural wood grain finish or steel-reinforced fiberglass for better security.

All Weather Windows also provides a few options for doors connecting to a patio or garden outdoor space. These include both folding and sliding patio doors, as well as swinging garden doors. These designs consist of large single plate glass, set in your choice of exterior fiberglass frame.

Interior Glass

All Weather Windows also provides custom interior glass designs such as custom showers, interior glass partitions, glass railings, mirrors, and painted glass paneling such as kitchen backsplashes.

All Weather Windows Warranty and Servicing

All Weather Windows provides a 2 year warranty on any workmanship-related defect. Some types of faults and components are covered by longer warranty periods. If you request servicing for a fault that is not or no longer covered by the warranty, you will be charged a fee.

Ordering Custom Doors and Windows

Windows and doors from All Weather Windows are only available in standard sizes that are chosen to be suitable for most homes.

Each window and door option can be customized in a range of other ways however.

Customizations for windows include the color and finish of the interior and exterior frames, the pattern, width and color of the internal grilles, simulated divided glass panes, and a range of brick mold types and colors.

Entry doors are available in a variety of colors and wood textures; garden and patio doors have the option of customizing the interior and exterior frame color and texture.

How Does All Weather Windows Stack Up To The Competition

All Weather Windows beats many of its competitors on price and energy efficiency. However, they do not offer the range of customization that many other companies can provide. Custom sized windows and doors are not available, and although you have a selection of color and texture choices for the finishes and frames, fiberglass is the only option in terms of material.

What Do Employees Have To Say About All Weather Windows Careers?

Employees’ experiences of working for a company can tell you a lot about what to expect as a customer, both in terms of the quality of workmanship and the level of customer care.

Recent employee reviews are largely unfavorable, with many former employees feeling that the company has moved along a downward trajectory over the last few years. Many reviews highlight poor management and a noticeable drop in the level of service given to customers following the sale of the company, noting increasing delays for customers to get service, and a lack of adequate training given to new employees replacing the leaving staff members. The most commonly highlighted positives from employees are the above-average wages and benefits.

What Do Customers Say About All Weather Windows?

Customers generally report positive experiences with the ordering and initial installation of the products, noting the helpful and friendly nature of the sales reps and technicians they interact with.

However, there are also many negative reviews from customers whose installations have developed faults. Frustration with the amount of time and effort required to get their products serviced while under warranty is a common theme among these reviews. These reviews still note the quality and professionalism of the technicians visiting to service these installations however.

Is All Weather Windows the Right Choice for You?

All Weather Windows provides a range of doors and windows with great energy efficiency, at inexpensive prices. They are also able to deliver a fast and easy installation, with most customers happy with the quality of workmanship. However, home owners who plan to stay in their home for a long time should also consider the potential difficulty of getting their windows and doors services if a fault does develop.

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