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Why Vinyl Windows are the Perfect Choice for Harsh Winter Climates

If you live in a region where heavy snowfalls and extreme cold are common, you need to be proactive about improving your home and making it as energy efficient as possible. Check out our infographic to find out how vinyl windows can contribute to your home's energy efficiency. Choose modern vinyl windows and winterize your house to conserve energy and make it more comfortable for your family.


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Winterize Your Home with Energy-efficient Vinyl Windows

When you live in a place like Ajax where the winters are extremely cold and heavy snows are common, every choice you make for your home counts. Your roof, your insulation, and even your windows play a big role in protecting your home and helping it to conserve energy.

You'll have to work with a contractor to choose the best materials for your home. For windows, the choice is clear. Vinyl windows offer the best benefits for homes in cold climates. Here are a few reasons why:

Superior Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are more energy efficient than any other type of window on the market. They have features like double panes (or even triple panes), pockets of inert gas between the glass and strong frames that help to regulate the home's internal temperature. Vinyl windows are better at keeping warm air inside during the winter through superior insulation and fewer leaks.

You'll spend much less on heating costs during the winter when you install vinyl windows. You'll also create a more consistent internal temperature, which will make your home more cozy and inviting all winter long.

Resistance to Warping

Vinyl windows will not warp as a result of extreme temperature changes or exposure to water. Wooden windows can warp under these conditions, which will cause the seal to be broken and allow air to leak out. Vinyl windows provide more consistent protection, ensuring that your heating isn't just leaking out into the cold air.

The sturdier construction of vinyl windows also ensures that they last longer. You won't have to replace them after a few seasons because they have warped beyond use.

Resistance to Moisture Damage

Ajax gets its fair share of snow, which can create very wet conditions throughout the winter. All that moisture can cause wooden windows to rot or metal windows to rust. Vinyl windows are resistant to moisture damage and will not rot, rust or otherwise decompose. Therefore, they will not lose energy. They also won't need to be replaced as frequently.

With vinyl windows, you'll save money on your heating costs all winter long and you'll save on the maintenance and repair of your windows.

Vinyl windows are a good choice no matter where you live, but they are especially beneficial for colder climates like Ajax. In addition to all these benefits, vinyl windows are also affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles to get the look you want for your home. Click here to find best offers of the leading Ajax windows company. You can save even more on your total vinyl windows replacement for your home. Make this the year that you make the switch.

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