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The Latest Looks for Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows also come in a large selection of styles, helping you to create the look you want for your home. You can choose modern styles or find a window that imitates the look of wooden windows or historical designs (especially useful for a renovation).

Here are a few of the latest looks for vinyl windows that you might want to consider:

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are some of the most dramatic designs you can choose. They can include between four and eight panels that are placed in a rounded shape that extends from your house. They let in a lot more light and create spectacular views.

Bay and bow windows are ideal for a sitting area, which could be near your breakfast nook or in the family room. You can curl up in the window with a good book or just for some quiet time soaking up the sun. Even when you aren't in the window seat, you can enjoy the amazing views the windows offer and the way they seem to open up the whole room.

Contour Series Windows

The Contour series of windows represents the latest in vinyl window designs. These windows are designed to emulate the style of wooden windows, which many homeowners prefer. They include grid work that breaks up the large panel of glass to create the appearance of several smaller panes. Not only does this create a more attractive style, but it also breaks up the glare of the light, creating a softer effect that warms the warm without overwhelming it.

Contour series windows are available in a variety of colors, including finishes that mimic wood.

End Vent Windows

End vent windows combine the look of traditional vinyl windows and vinyl windows. They include a large, middle panel of glass, flanked by two pieces that include smaller panes. The end pieces are able to open, letting in air without having to open the whole window. These windows offer more flexibility while also creating an interesting design.

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