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5 Things to Know Before You Replace Windows

Replacing older windows can provide quite a few benefits. This is especially true when homeowners make informed decisions about window replacement options, or even if the windows need replacing. Before you move forward with any replacement project, take a moment to consider these five factors. Doing so will help you enjoy the best possible results.

Some Windows Can Be Repaired 

It’s easy to look at older windows and assume they are beyond repair. In many cases, the homeowner’s assessment is correct; those older windows do need to go. At other times, replacements will not provide much in the way of benefits. That’s because the older windows are basically sound and only need repairs and a little cosmetic work. 

Your best bet is to have a contractor examine the windows. A professional will know if repairing them is worth the effort and cost, or if you really do need new windows.

More Options for Materials Than You Think 

You have wooden windows frames currently and wonder if that would still be the best choice for the new Mississauga windows. The fact is that the wood used for windows today is not the same quality as the wood used several decades ago. That’s due to methods used to accelerate wood growth so more can be harvested in less time. If you do decide to go with wood again, consider having it covered in metal cladding. Doing so will extend the life of the windows and protect the wood from deterioration.

Going with vinyl windows is an effective alternative. There is no need for cladding and the vinyl will hold up for decades. You’ll find the cost is also more competitive. 

The Return on Investment Will Vary 

The amount you save on energy costs depends a lot of how bad the old windows happen to be.  Having storm windows that you choose to keep up all year long also makes a difference. Based on your specific circumstances, the energy savings will be higher or lower. A contractor can help you understand how much of an impact those new windows will have on the home’s energy consumption. 

Appearances Matters for More Than One Reason 

You certainly want to improve the look of the home and new windows will help meet the goal. Along with being able to enjoy the replacements now, think of what they will provide in the future. Specifically, new windows make the home more appealing when you decide to sell the property. Some experts estimate that the presence of new windows help homes sell faster and ultimately allow the former owner to recoup an average of 73% of the window purchase and installation costs.

 Full or Partial Replacement? 

Even if the windows need replacing, is a full replacement the answer? Ask the contractor about what is known as window inserts. These fit easily into the opening used by your current windows. The only difference is they are slightly smaller. The installation is simpler and it’s easy to take manage the cosmetic touches needed on the interior and exterior. 

Replacing your windows may be the right choice. Then again, another solution may be better. Talk with a reputable contractor and listen closely to the suggestions he or she provides. Doing so will allow you to make the most informed choice.


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